Thursday, April 23, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

I've been scampering around today getting some groceries, keeping on top of the washing and trying to do some work on the May kit for Scrap-n-Crop ... been struggling with that a bit actually - making the time to do it more than anything! My scrap mojo has gone missing I think! Anyway I have managed to complete 3 LO's today, so pleased about that. Still have lots to do yet though ... have something else half started, but now not sure what I am going to do with it! I keep changing my mind! LOL Hoping that the weekend away at Creative Escape will give me a bit more creative fuel and I will come back BURSTING with new ideas and be able to finish the kit off super quick :-) (that's the ideal plan anyway hehehee).

Now I am off to pack my bag and go through my tool checklist for the 20th time (haha) and pack that too - then will be the bag WEIGH ... only allowed 15kg ... me thinks I will be bringing home a little bit of carry-on luggage!! heheee

Wish Lyndon luck with the kids won't you ... although they will probably be perfect little darlings for him (typical!). And I'll be back on Sunday or Monday with an update. Not going to take my laptop away ... that's another extra bag I can do without!


topkatnz said...

Have a fantastic time Rachel ... and yes, the kids will be perfect angels, saving up all their boisterous ways for your return!!LOL

Penny said...

I should think by now you'll be on the plane ;)

Have a great time!

Can we expect a blog hijack from the SAHD? ;)

Anonymous said...

have a great time! enjoy!

fulltime mom