Sunday, April 19, 2009

What's been happening?

Were to start?? I had every intention of updating the blog on Thursday, but that went out the window when Lyndon pocketed the key to the computer/craft room and went to work!! Not the most productive day I have had (ended up going to bed with a book, of which I read for about 10 minutes then promptly went to sleep LOL). (And for those that don't know, we lock the door to the computer/craft room to keep the little angels out heheheee. Aaron's very good at playing on the computer and Maddison makes a beeline for my desk!)
The kids "helped" the cleaner in the morning by creating more work for her :-) They helped by cleaning the mirrors and windows. Usually I try and keep them entertained in the computer room while the cleaner is here, but with no key she just had to put up with them!! Aaron had an empty spray bottle which I put some water in, he thought he was so clever!

Not sure if you can see properly in the photo below, but he's got the wet cloth tucked under his chin, if you please, while he's working the spray trigger!!

Maddison just expects the spray to work by holding it real close to the mirror :-) heehee
Serious business this cleaning you know!
"Oh no!!!" Can't remember what she was oh no-ing about here, but there was some big story she was telling me hehee
Friday came and went, can't recall exactly what we did to be honest! Saturday morning I went to Scrap-n-Crop for a class (see separate blog post) while Lyndon looked after the kids :-) Then when I got home (mid afternoon) we decided to go to the mall at Sunway. I hadn't been there for over a year, so it was sort of interesting (I am not much of a shopper!) Lyndon bought some stuff for the computer, I bought some books for me and the kids, we had tea at Nandos, had an ice-cream, watched the people ice skating then came home!
Maddison and I had an ice-cream while Lyndon was getting his computer bits, so when they finished Aaron had one which he very kindly shared with Maddison LOL Look at his tongue! heheee you would think he should be doing the licking not her!

So to share an ice-cream, one person has to lie stretched out on the table and lean down to lick, and the person who's ice-cream it is can sometimes be a bit of a meanie and hold the ice-cream down even lower so you nearly fall off the table head first trying to lick the jolly thing! (sometimes when we are out it's nice to pretend that these kids don't really belong to us LOL)


Penny said...

LOL! Very funny ice cream eating technique.

hazel said...

cute icecream eating.. atleast he want to share it with his sister..

angel gurl said...

I have some windows and mirrors that could be cleaned if you want to send the kids my way lol. Had to crack up at the ice cream technique, could you imagine if adults did that lol.

Serene Ho said...

I'm late on this post ... but thoroughly enjoyed this journal ... completely! Your children tickles my heart!

LaY hOoN said...

So cute little two :)

Penelope Gan said...

I'm reconsidering the baby sitting slots. They clean too! wow!