Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I wish this was an April Fool's Joke!

Told you it was quite a bit of hair Aaron chopped off Maddison!!!
But thankfully you can't really tell ... can you? At least it wasn't her coconut tree! LOL
And yeah I saved the hair for a scrapbook page! Just need to get a photo of the scissors! heheee
I've been scrapping. I've FINISHED scrapping the photos from our July 2005 holiday we had with Lyndon's family! :-) Feels good to get that done. Not going to "publish" them on my blog though ... too much to blur out and can't be bothered!
But you can see these ones. These are photos from the "to scrap" pile as well. Actually they are all pics of Aaron from September 2006. Him and I had a week with my parents and I took tons of photos (as I do!).
Used the new snorkel range from Cosmo Cricket. Cool paper. I have HEAPS of other neat bath and swimming photos I could have used with this, but didn't have the photos printed and I am trying to scrap photos in my pile, so these ones got the cool paper! I hand wrote the journaling amongst the fish at the bottom of the page.
I bought a DCWV paper stack when I was in Singapore at the beginning of the year ... it's called the Green Stack. Also bought the box of embellishments to go with it and shared them with Mum. This is the first LO I've done with the papers.

And more Basic Grey Archaic :-) Had this LO done for ages actually, just finished the journaling today.

Okay, off to sort tea out. Thanks for looking.


Serene Ho said...

Love what you did with the layouts! Nice color combination.
But ... keep the scissors away! haha!

Penny said...

I love that snorkel paper. I've got some to use still - yay!

Do not even suggest the coconut tree as an option - I'm sure Aaron would latch onto it! I can't see where he's trimmed it though ;-) You are so lucky M has hair.

Sounds like that pile is going down :)

topkatnz said...

that does look like quite a bit of hair ... but you really can't tell ... thank goodness! ... oh Aaron will thankyou for posting those pics of him in the bath on here!! ... NOT!! cute papers tho ..

Penelope Gan said...

Gahhh lady! This is so not fair. I am still stuck at Jack! and you've gone zoomed passed with Snorkel. :p :p :p

I am seriously regretting opening the Scrap.Abode on Saturday

{standing akimbo and pretending to be extremely furious with you!!! lol}

But gosh! 2005 holiday? I was very young then! lol

Penelope Gan said...

Oh one more thing. The hair looks fine and thank god it was just the hair. Val cut off the fabric bouncingnet ??? (hey, I've no freaking idea what these baby things are called ok? :) ) with me in it. Needless to say I still have the flat bit on my skull. Will let you feel it the next time. No crew cut hairdo for me for sure. lol

SCRAP-n-CROP said...

:P....dont share secrets here! family secrets!!! yikes for maddie!!! but yeah thank god it wasnt the