Sunday, April 12, 2009


There's a couple of lovely ladies in KL that have started a challenge blog ... the first for Malaysia :-) It's called Scrap-it-Lah.

Here's a wee snippet that I copied from their blog ... "Why the name Scrap-it-Lah? Lah is a very commonly used slang attached every single last word in the sentence. It's a very popular slang -which does not mean anything but we Malaysians used it anyway!"

It's true ... 'Lah' is heard everywhere :-) (I don't think I say it though ... not yet anyway!)

Their first challenge is up ... check it out on their blog and here's my entry.

I actually think this is the first Christmas LO I have done for Christmas 08! Hummmm ... wonder if my Christmas photos will get scrapped before next Christmas appears!! LOL


hazel said...

beautiful! I love green and red.

topkatnz said...

nice one R ... I haven't touched my Xmas pics either!HaHa ... there's some lovely work on that challenge site!lah ...??????