Saturday, April 11, 2009

No long weekend here :(

But the days have been fun all the same :-)
The kids have been eating those 'cookies' (that's what Aaron calls them heheee) I made on Thursday. They are a bit hard, as you can tell by Aaron's expression LOL. But they are good in the fact that they last a long time haaahahaa (Maddison has hers for simply ages!)

This is a typical expression from Maddison ... lots of times during the day she will just come up to me and do this right in my face LOL Cheeky little monkey.
On Friday Lyndon got home a little bit earlier which was lovely, so we all went to a mall together, had a look around, had tea and then got stuck in the traffic coming home! What would normally take us about 12-15 minutes took us just over an hour. Didn't help that it was raining. But we chatted the kids fell asleep so that was good. This traffic jam was caused by 1 car that had broken down about 4 kms up the road from where I took this photo, after we got past him the roads were pretty clear. Don't understand why he didn't try and push it off the road a bit more!
This morning while the kids and I were in the shower Lyndon took some photos of this dragonfly that Aaron had spotted outside the lounge window.
They are incredibly ugly up close aren't they!

I tried to do Maddison's hair into a pony tail hehehee. Lyndon took some pics ... this one is her giving 'Rosie' the train a bit of a chew!

(Excuse the towel wrapped around my hair!) This is another nice thing Maddison does ... comes up and leans in for a hug. :-)
Just thinking ...
Someone left the shoe cupboard open!!! So out come the shoes.

Ponytail didn't last long ... I put little clips in her hair to hold the front pieces back, but she just kept pulling them out and putting the clips in her mouth. So resorted back to the coconut tree. At least she leaves the hairband 90% of the day.


Lyndon & Aaron went off late morning to pick up some friends and they came back here from lunch. So we've had a lovely afternoon with them. Lyndon & Aaron took them home again around 3pm, while Maddison & I cleaned up a bit and I scrapped a LO ... need to photograph it though. Will share it either tomorrow or Monday.


Hope you are all having a lovely weekend.


topkatnz said...

love the cheeky wrinkled nose look from Madison ... she is cute! heehee ... Ashlees hair has always been too fine and 'slippery' to ever do much with either ...

SCRAP-n-CROP said...

the the wrinkly look....becks does that all the time too!!!! amuses people and i think she gets a kick out of it!

Darla said...

I love the cheeky look on Maddison!