Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sneak Peak

Another sneak peek from Scrap-n-Crop's May kit. This is a little mini album. Check out SnC's gallery as well and you can see some sneaks from Sharmaine .

Bigger post tomorrow (maybe!) I am running out of time ... help! Still have a few things to do for this kit, nothing like leaving it to the last minute I tell you!! It's taken me probably about 2 hours this afternoon to finally decide on a photo to use for my last LO! Sigh ... so that's tonight or tomorrow's job, then of course there's the scraps left that I am sure I can get a card or two or three out of hehee. Hasn't helped that Maddison refused to have a sleep this afternoon so I didn't send her to school, I 'forced' (sort of) her to have a sleep this afternoon instead! (It was totally worth it as she is in a much better frame of mind - and so am I!! LOL)
Off to do something about tea now!

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hazel said...

another sneak peak.. ok.. i'm waiting LOL..