Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thrills & Spills for Thursday!

We've had a fun day today :-) We talked to Grandma and her sisters and my sisters boys on skype with the video link and they couldn't understand one word Aaron was telling them LOL. Aaron has been telling me tonight that "Mitchell is really sick and had to go to the doctor. He really needs to have a big sleep". ROFL Dr Aaron at your service!! What cracks me up is he gives out remedies that is exactly what he needs himself, but he never seems to take his own advice! snigger snigger
After our phone call Maddison went to bed and Aaron surfed the Bob the Builder website (calls for some SERIOUS concentration and you must have the right hat on!)

While he was doing that I did some baking. Not that impressed though ... they were crunchy chocolate oat cookies, but they just aren't the same without the New Zealand condensed milk! The sweetened creamer here is quite runny and sugary, so they didn't look that flash once they were cooked. I used white chocolate too, hummm, decided I don't like the cooking chocolate here either (too fussy you say ... yeah probably!) Might try them again with some Cadbury's chocolate in it and see what that's like :-)
After lunch we went to Aaron's little school friends house to play. The kids had a great time. Maddison discovered the kids kitchen and the garden tap!!! So she was soaked in a very short time ;-)
Then they did some drawing ...

And Aaron cleaned the blackboard (note the tongue is on just the right angle LOL).
Oh and I must tell you this because it so cracked us up ... Yara got dressed up in some dress up clothes (see above photos) and when Aaron saw her he came running into the lounge telling us "Look Mummy there's a monster!" Oh my ... I think I need to have a little chat to him that it's not really the thing to do at all to call girl friends (and in particular little princesses) monsters! He's got a lot to learn :-}
Lyndon's back from Singapore later tonight - he's been there for a couple of days.
Wonder if he's bought himself a birthday present ...
Speaking of presents it's our 14th wedding anniversary next week and this year's traditional and modern gifts are worse than last year (they were; traditional - lace, and modern - textiles or furs!)! 14 years is ... traditional - ivory and modern - gold jewelry! That's really handy isn't it! I don't wear jewelry (nether does he) ... maybe I can source an elephant tusk from somewhere LOL I think I'll flag those gift ideas ... save it up for next year ... the modern gift for 15 years of marriage is right up Lyndon's alley ... Watches! :-) :-)


Penny said...

Yep, some training in the flattery department would be good ;)

Happy anniversary for next week!

Serene Ho said...

As reading about Aaron and Maddison!

Happy Anniversary! May I suggest you turn your traditional anniversary gfts into ivory cardstock or paint and chipboard jewelry for scrapbooking!
Enjoy your 14th year next week!

topkatnz said...

yep, those crunchy oat cookies look a wee bit unappetising ... love Aaaron cleaning the blackboard with tongue out for concentration ... LOL