Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Shhhhh ... Artists at work!

Yesterday and today the kids have been busy in the mornings creating some pieces of art work! This is yesterday's mess! They got into my punch collection, had a pair of scissors each and a box of card scraps!

And then of course you MUST have the glue! Actually make that puddles of glue ... preferably everywhere!

Today's efforts were colouring in ... not necessarily the picture, arms and sleeves of dresses were fun to draw on too! She's busy here telling me (around her dummy!) "Ceeeee Ceeeee" and patting her arms!
No guessing which page belongs to who really is there. It's fun to help Maddison colour in actually because you can do the top of the page without it getting covered in scribbles as her arms aren't long enough to reach up there LOL :-)

Aaron drew me a face and a car to put on the fridge. Car (purple) must be hooning down hill else the face is lying down and I have got the paper up the wrong way! Must ask him when he gets home. The pieces of card stock stapled to the edge were important too ... just not sure how important! But they had to be there :-)

It's no wonder I feel like I spend a lot of time in the laundry scrubbing or soaking clothes! THANKFULLY the felt pens they were using are washable ones, and so far I have been lucky that they have all washed out.


Serene Ho said...

simply adorable despite the colors everywhere !

topkatnz said...

ahhhh, don't you just looove craft-time with kids!!!??

Penny said...

mmm mess! Mine like punches too. But the fav is the cuttlebug.