Saturday, January 15, 2011

Samuel at 8 Months

I forgot to take a photo of Samuel on Thursday when he was 8 months old so took one yesterday instead.
8 months old already! Seriously where does the time go??? Before I know it I will be deciding what sort of cake to make for his 1st birthday!!

He has 6 teeth, he's nearly 10kgs, he's sitting up by himself, getting about EVERYWHERE doing his caterpillar crawl, can sit back up from being on his tummy, says Momma and Mum Mum Mum and DaDa, pretty good at eating his food (especially if it doesn't have lumps!), will hold his hands up to be picked up, will wave sometimes, roars like a bull when he can't find me and wants to be picked up, roars like a bull if he's hungry and doesn't think his dinner is coming fast enough, pulling himself up on his knees at the coffee table to inspect what's on the top!, knows how to turn his music box on and off that's on the side of his cot and crawls to Aaron and Maddison's room (admiring himself in the mirror on his way) and gets into their toys. :-) He's a very busy wee chap!
He's developed some very bad habits while being away in Thailand though ... he spent so much time in the front pack with me and was so good at sleeping there, that now he thinks that's how he has to go to sleep! On my chest! So there's been a little bit of tough love going on ... although I have found that feeding him with this lullaby playing sends him to sleep after about 7 minutes :-) And once he's asleep I can transfer him to his cot easily.
Just for interests sake ... this is Aaron at 8 months (before he had his first hair cut!) ;-)
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Anonymous said...

He is just growing up SO fast, Rachel! I do think he looks a lot like Aaron, only the hair is a bit different. Total cutie!

Serene Ho said...

He's so adorable! A copy of Aaron at the same age. Brothers in action! LOL

Penny said...

hmmmm - nah I reckon he looks less like Aaron now ;P He has more of Maddison's face shape I think.

~Sasha Farina~ said...

he changed so much in one month!

Janelle Renee Perry said...

hehe, i love aarons hair sooooo much! i really enjoyed running with him after mtg on sundays :)The kids look fantastic :) lots of love!

Mariam said...

he sure is growing up fast!

I keep forgetting to take pictures of my Iris when she turn months grrrrr