Friday, August 21, 2009

Thursday's Well Mannered Frivolity

Well we were well mannered most of the time LOL
What a fun day we had. Roanna picked up Mum and I at 9am then we headed into town to pick up Rozy. We were told to be wearing our "costumes" as we wouldn't have time to change after getting our hair done!
Before you begin reading this post ... be warned it's a long one! There's 49 photos, but you are only getting a sneak at them really ... less than 10% of the photos we took on the day to be precise heheheee You might want to grab a cup of coffee to stay awake! LOL
So here's me heading out the door at 9am (for the second time ... forgot the camera!!).

Getting our hair done. The 1st year Polytech Students did our hair ... good practice for them! Here's me with my hair looking quite lacquered already in a couple of ponytails!

To be honest I have only had my hair done a couple of times at a hair dressers. Not a place I frequent! So was quite interesting to see the amount of back combing that went on (this is something I DON'T do!) and the hair spray! Good gracious ... I reckon they used about 2 complete cans on my hair!

And me looking not quite so flash! LOL

Roanna in the process of having ringlets done.

Mum getting barrel curls.
Roanna had been very organised and had arranged for these beautiful corsages to be delivered to us. The first one is mine.
Rozy's (didn't get a pic of Roannas one bother it!)
The completed lacquered creation! They were barrel rolls (not curls)! LOL Think that was because my hair is so thick and long!

And no I won't be attempting this on my own!! Rozy's upswept doo :-)

Roanna's ringlets.
Mum's curls.
And us all decked out ready for the next adventure!

We went to Demolition World in Invercargill for lunch. They have done an awesome job creating "A walk down Memory Lane" which is a huge collection of little buildings (shops, houses, saloons, movie theatre, school, etc.) filled with memorabilia from a bygone era.
We had a photo shoot before we had lunch :-) Dad, Lyndon and the kids met us there, they had been given "instructions on what to wear" and Roanna had organised hats for them :-)

Couldn't resist several shots of the kids looking through this "window" :-) Love that little bonnet Maddison is wearing.

A delicious spread that Roanna had made and organised all for us :-)
The kids just loved it there ... there were Donkeys to look at

Boats to climb!
And of course what big brother does little sister has to do too!

Lots and lots of hens and roosters!

Here's some of the buildings & vehicles there ... I won't show them all on here!

Heheehehee that sign says 'Riverton Geriatric Hospital' LOL ;-)

A few humorous signs were seen!
Why are ladders so appealing to little kids?

These two were so funny ... I got them to sit in those little chairs, but Maddison kept spying the hens!
So put her back and oh ... there's another one!

That's when I gave up and just watched! (hope the owners weren't expecting eggs from the hens yesterday heheee)
School house.
Maddison sat at the desk too ...

But she had a bit of trouble getting her legs the right way round! LOL Ended up sitting backwards!

There was demolition stuff you could buy as well ... taps for anyone?

After our walk down 'Memory Lane', Dad, Lyndon & Kids went back home (kids went to bed) and us ladies headed out to Riverton. Did some shopping there and had afternoon tea at More's Reserve which had a wonderful lookout over Riverton. (Cold wind though so we enjoyed our snacks in the car!)

Then back to town at 5pm for tea at Thai Dee.

After tea we did some sight seeing around the city ... filling in time till the next "secret" event! We ended up at the Civic Theatre to watch this. It was very interesting indeed! I haven't watched ballet before ... just made me more aware of how unfit I am!! LOL
A very enjoyable evening and once we had located the keys to the car!! (thankfully some kind person had handed them in!) We were one our way home.
And enjoyed this ... a very fitting end to a wonderful day :-)
After the tub and I had downloaded the 500 odd photos! I took my hair down ... what a crunchy mess! 35 pins, 5 hair bands, hairspray from 3 different cans and a gloss shine from another bottle was what held it up all day! (and what a tangle to get the back combing out! ugggh that's why I don't do it myself! what a job!)

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Sheerah said...

Hi, which part of New Zealand is this memory lane located? these pictures are wonderful, esp the ones with the kids. Their expressions are priceless. nice hair-do too... seems like a fun day ^^

Penny said...

Veeeeeeeeeery interesting to see the hairs ;)

M so cute in her bonnet!

topkatnz said...

Wow that looks like a fun time .... but yes, oh the hair! don't envy you the job of sorting all that back-combing out ugggghh!LOL

Janine said...

now that is a fricking awesome day. What a great day out, loved the hair and the costumes. Demoloition World is such a fun place. Love Love Love the ballet its such a neat thing to watch.

Wow at your hair though.....

Mrs Frizz said...

OMG look at your hair woman - a mass of it ... I think that these are the first photos that you have shared with your hair down - wowser - laughed seriously laughed at the hairspray cans - that's what we do - lol.

Now I have to say your pics are awesome, but those pics of the kids looking through the windowframe and A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. and would look stunning printed sepia.

Love that pic too of the hens on the park bench, that one looks like a postcard ...

Serene Ho said...

SO MUCH FUN! I mean...all dressed up like the good 'ol cowboy days. you look great by the way! I love Aaron and Maddison at the window. this is so memorable!

Hannah said...

What an exciting adventure! And such a fun thing to do! I love the hairdos and costumes. As Mrs Frizz says, I don't think I've seen you with your hair down before ... your hair is gorgeous, you should wear it down more often :-)

I have to say WOW!!! at the number of photos you took in one day ... do you print all your photos out?!?!?!