Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Playgrounds, Rocks & Mates

Another catch-up with a photo overload!
Saturday we went to Andersons Park with some friends. The kids had fun at the playground ...

And Aaron enjoyed riding his bike down this slight slope flat out!

Playing ball :-)
Anderson's House - built in 1925. We knew an old lady that used to work here as a maid when she was young and she said there was a pane of glass in the windows for every day of the year! No wonder they had maids I say ... even just to clean the windows! LOL

The gardens were beautiful ... crocus's were everywhere. Just beautiful.

Monday we went down to my sisters again. While she and baby D had a wee sleep we walked down to the beach.
Some little legs get tired quick though ;-)

Those same little legs suddenly became alright again once we got to the beach! LOL
Lifting rocks to find crabs is ever so exciting :-)

Don't you just love the pose hehehee
Rocks are also there to trip over ...
and do the splits on !!!
Rocks are also for throwing into water! (How these two didn't throw a rock at each others head I'm blessed if I know!) For some reason they have to stand right beside each other and their aim is pretty random at the best of times!
Good rock for a photo session. :-)

Sea was pretty calm that day :-)
Monday night saw me at Michelle's place. She was very kind and had organised for some scrapping mates to come over. It was lovely to meet Jules and admire both her and Michelle's work! (thanks for the photo Michelle and thanks Jules for editing it ;-) hehehee)

Yesterday was a busy day. Mum, the kids and I went into town late morning and we went to the Invercargill Repertory Society to hire some "costumes" for Thursday ... we have some friends who have organised a day of "well-mannered frivolity" LOL I have no idea what half of the planned events are ... but I am sure I will blog about some of them! Anyway Mum and I got some costumes amidst much laughter ... and Maddison and Aaron played very nicely by the toy box for ages ... and then Maddison discovered a box of shoes! (why does she go for the highest heels? hehehe)

And the best bit of yesterday ... Daddy came back :-) (ahhhh bliss for me ... Daddy's on bedtime duty LOL)
Today the kids have been hanging around Daddy and making sure he's not going too far out of sight hehehee Oh I am enjoying it ;-) :-) It's been raining on and off this morning, but the kids are off outside now and have dragged Daddy out too. So I might make the most of the quiet and get some scrappy stuff done.
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Penny said...

Yay for Daddies being home! :)

What costume did you choose - there will need to be photos taken!

I see that cute hat Aaron had has made it to Maddison. She has such cute expressions on her face.

Janine said...

Just been catching up on your adventures in NZ. Nice photo of you with Julie and Mrs F. Looks like the kids are having a blast. Congrats on being an aunty again.
Yippe for Daddy being back again.

topkatnz said...

Fantastic news that Lyndon is back with you again! The new header looks great. and WOWEE!! a pane of glass for every day of the year! well that's 365 too many for me to cope with!heehee

Mrs Frizz said...

Adore the photos of the kids with the rocks ... awesome pics.

It's nearly Thursday!!!! Have fun!!!

Serene Ho said...

Enjoyed the pictures! the beach is so beautiful! Can't wait to see you all dressed up! Till the next picture upload ... enjoy yourselves!