Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It's Wednesday Again!

It's been a week since I did an update of what we have been up to! Only about 4 more weeks left here in NZ! Feel like the time has just flown actually.
Anyway - last Saturday we went out to my sisters place to have more cuddles with little baby D :-) He's 2 weeks old today and we saw him today and he's changed again since this photo last Saturday.

While we were out there Maddison decided to try on some of his booties!
Sunday Grandma found a stick insect so the kids had great fun checking it out. Aaron called it a "cattergator or a catterbug" LOL (got his aligators, caterpillars and bugs mixed up a little heheee)

We have had a ton of rain over the last week or so and there's some big puddles in Grandma and Grandad's garden just right for playing in! ... like mowing with the toy lawn mower.

Speeding down the hill on the trike straight into the puddle to make the biggest splashes!

Basically - getting as wet as possible!
Wet right up to ones armpits! (Obviously not very comfy after a while!!)

Today we have been painting ... here's a few pics of what the kids have been doing. I got them the cheapest canvas possible and they had a picture outlined on them ... Maddison's was a duck with an umbrella.
Aaron's was a rocket ship, planets and stars.

Paint was put in some interesting places!

This is my NOSE!!

Tongue in just the right position so the paint goes in the right place!

Maddison just put paint any old where (including her hair!).

Finished art work ... I might auction it off heheheee (any takers?) You can't see much of the duck any more :-)

Aaron's was very neat until he got a bit carried away with the blue ... so planets and stars are in hiding!

So that's us ... not going to show you what I have been doing as it's a LONG way from finished. Maybe next week!


Penny said...

ha ha! The puddle fun looks good! Like the new banner too.

topkatnz said...

Yes siree, the weeks just seem to fly by don't they?? looks like the kids are having a fun time here in NZ ..... hoping you are too! Four more weeks ......

Serene Ho said...

so much fun playing in the puddle but of course the wet clothes don't need to be there! lol! abstract art from Aaron and Maddison! Good keepsakes you know! LOL

Serene Ho said...

by the way, love your blog header picture. Aaron and Maddison are way too cute!

Lyndon said...

Miss1ng you guys... see you soon

~Sasha Farina~ said...

:) the kids will remember these great times.. the painting and splashing, oh what fun!

Sonya said...

Gorgeous photos!!! OMG that stick critter looks really scarey :-0

Darla said...

Loving your pics...I wish we could come your way. It would be great to see you all again.