Thursday, August 13, 2009

I've been slack ...

At updating my blog! So slack my hubby has even sent me a text message today asking just when I am going to do it! LOL ... so here we go. Photo overload sorry (but what's new from me huh!)
Saturday we went to the supermarket and His Nibs spied this little trolley before I could bundle him into a big one! Sigh ... so we tried to keep one eye on him as he raced all over the store ever so pleased with himself!

In the afternoon we went up the cowshed to see the calves and watch the cows being milked. On Saturday there were 28 little calves in the shed ... they were lovely :-)

But I am almost embarrassed to admit that my kids are city slickers! Maddison was petrified and clung to Grandma with a death grip! And Aaron kept his distance and wouldn't even hold Grandma's hand to come and see!
At least he was happy to look I suppose even if he didn't want to pat them ... this pic makes me laugh ... he's asking Grandma what those 'things' are!! (Grandma is explaining about cows udders and milk etc. etc. LOL)
Every Sunday we have driven past these birds nesting on these old tree stumps and last Sunday it was a beautiful day and I finally had the camera with me so on the way home I stopped to get a photo of them ... really needed to cross the ditch and get over into the paddock though ... my big lens isn't really big enough (heheee)

We could see Stewart Island really clearly from Colac Bay.

Colac Bay beach.
Boats at Riverton Wharf.

Tuesday we were back to the supermarket again ... this time Aaron spied these cars! (Have to pay to use these though, so we won't be doing that again in a hurry!)

Yesterday I finally took some pics of Aaron riding the 2 wheeler (with training wheels). He's doing really well, but his balance still isn't the greatest and he spends far too much time watching the wheel go around instead of watching where he's going! But I suppose when he spends most of the time riding it flat out down the hill, then the thrill is how fast the wheel goes! (Who would know just what a nearly 4 year old thinks hehee)

Nice wave :-)
And we are off ...
This bit of the hill on Grandma and Grandad's lawn is reasonably steep, but it's short so I think that's why he's sticking to this bit (not so far to push the bike back up!)

Happy grin at the bottom :-)
Miss Muffit inspecting the goings on!

Or was it Miss Sour Puss?
His Nibs got a bit cocky and thought he'd grab the hose hanging off the water tank on the way down and got the wobbles and ...

oh whoopsie!
He was fine ... didn't cry because I was laughing so hard hehehee (such a mean mother!) It really was funny though and I expected him to have mud all up his nose actually, but he landed on his hands! He was right back on the bike again :-)
Miss Muffit giving the tractor a try ... no sorry sweetheart I am NOT pushing you up the hill!
Aaron grabbed the tractor as soon as she realised I wasn't going to co-operate and pushed it up himself.
You can't keep your feet on the pedals of the tractor ... you'd spin your ankles off LOL
Later in the day I spied them playing around in this puddle. They had a stick and were taking turns at splashing one another!
Yes ... you've been caught out!!
Today has been a lovely day and the kids spent most of the morning playing outside. I can usually hear what they are up to, but they'd been quiet for about 10 minutes so I went to look out all the windows to see where they were ... ahhh yes, the garden hose was in use! I managed to snap some pics before they saw me!

Washing the stones in Grandma's garden!

And Maddison's back (she was absolutely soaked!). I don't think she had a turn of the hose ... but Aaron made sure she was "sharing" in the fun!!!

So after I had snapped away I asked them to turn the hose off so they didn't waste any more water and five minutes later I noticed they had taken their boots off and were filling them with stones from the drive! Honestly! Maddison is saying here "Mummma, STONES" heheee

So that's a bit of a looksie at our week. I have been busy scrapping and don't fall off your seat, but I have actually finished with Scrap-n-Crop's September kit :-) Loved working with this kit - here's a sneak ...

So on that note I am off to bed. :-)
Thanks for looking.


Serene Ho said...

Always absolute joy to see and read about your children! They are just too cute with the mischievous looks on their faces!

topkatnz said...

yummy looking flower! ahhhh isn't Aaron so cute with his wee shopping trolley!LOL

Penny said...

You mean milk comes from THERE!!!!??? LOL! So funny seeing their reactions. The bike photos crack me up - boys will be boys eh?

Hannah said...

As always, it's wonderful to read about your adventures and see all the great photos of your kids "doing life". We had that same orange hoodie I think! It is a Pumpkin Patch one??