Sunday, August 23, 2009

No pics this time ...

My camera is packed up, the bags are NEARLY packed and I am so ready for bed! LOL

Who would have thought that three months would go so quickly? We've been in Invercargill with my parents for over 10 weeks! It has just flown past.

Tomorrow morning (supposed to be early ... but we shall see heheeee) we are driving to Christchurch for a few days before heading back to KL. My parents are taking us to Christchurch ... they are sooooooo brave! Going to be a long day I think. Fingers crossed that Maddison doesn't get sick!

We have had a fabulous weekend (especially weather wise) - and thanks for the birthday wishes. I haven't got any pics to post of that today - already packed away the external hard drive ... but I look much the same as the day before ... just a year older! LOL

I won't be posting much till we are back in KL (early September), but I have some posts pre-loaded to appear next week.

Thanks for visiting.

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