Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fun Fun Fun @ Kids Crop.Arty

Here's Maddison waiting for Aunty I to come out of the lift hehehe ... pity about the dummy! But she was dancing about with the balloons and looking so funny!
Great excitement when she arrived! After lunch we left Aunty and Maddison and Aaron and I headed off to Scrap-n-Crop to participate in the kids Crop.Arty. :-) We made a mini album using this paper as the cover :-)

And we cut this one into strips ...
And this one into cards ...
And teacher Penny would hold up a strip or a card and ask the kids to find their one. hehehee Aaron would hunt then grab the right one and hold it up and shout, "Look Aaron found it"!!! lol (I think he was loudest in the class :-) !!!)
Here he is gluing away like crazy!

After we'd done most of the gluing and sticking we stopped for a snack break. One of the ladies had bought some delicious cupcakes along ... They had little animals sticking out of them :-) Aaron chose a crocodile.

Then after snacks was the part he'd been waiting for ... painting! :-) Love the way he holds the brush (so cack handed!).
I can't show you the finished product on here till after Christmas because it's a gift for someone :-) But I will. Aaron did a pretty cool job actually. He punched out the shapes and rounded the corners of things ... told everyone else how to use the Cropadile Big Bite! "Ya know ... you put the paper there and press down here, Mummy has one of these!" (so funny)
And Penny is feeling very smug because Aaron said thank you and gave her a hug and just poked his tongue out at Val! (cheeky little monster!)
So that was our fun. We left a little bit earlier because Lyndon had arrived home ... so was very important to get home to see Daddy ya know! :-)


Penelope Gan said...

Well of course! That's one precious moment that may never repeat itself. :)

He did great.

Thanks Rachel!

topkatnz said...

Looks and sounds like Aaron had a ball - bet you were exhausted by the end tho!

mariam said...

muahahaha wish I could make it and see it all real life.Aaron sure is crafty and handy with the tools.

Cindy Lee said...

What a fun class with Aaron huh!
About my class at was fun! Much better than what I expected :) Are you going to hold any class for Christmas?

Penny said...

Very cute!

Serene Ho said...

Great job Aaron! The smile on his face says it all!