Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Day 2009

Aunty Irene spent the day with us, so the kids were only allowed to open ONE present before she arrived!
We planned to have a brunch late morning ... but by the time we were all up and going, Irene had arrived, and the kids had opened majority of their presents, brunch ended up being lunch :-)
Aaron very pleased with a Thomas book from cousins C&E.

And Maddison opened hers and rushed straight to Nana & Aunty Irene to show them ... no time for photo posing for Daddy with the camera!
Cousin J sent a cool truck & loader.
And Maddison got a neat Dora torch, but Daddy couldn't get a photo of her with it because she just kept being silly to Nana & Aunty Irene like this!!!
Nana & Grandad gave her a beautiful little handbag, matching purse and Strawberry Shortcake doll ... she was pretty chuffed with them :-)
Oh ... where's Aaron's pic gone? He got a Porsche & a cement mixer! :-)
Aaron gave Maddison a Piglet soft toy. She carts it around most places! Has a special place in her bed as well now!
And finally brunch ...
After a very lazy afternoon in which we did nothing except lie about on the couches, eat chocolates and read books :-) we went out for tea at a Chinese restaurant.
Very nice :-)

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Hannah said...

Looks like you all had a lovely Christmas!! The kids certainly look very happy with their loot! :-)

How are you feeling now? Has the morning sickness gone?