Tuesday, January 5, 2010

1st Post for 2010

And it's already the 5th!! A week has nearly gone of the new year already!
Okay - this post has a few photos (yeah I know what a surprise! hehee), but it's a catch up from the 31st.
We went to a friends for a pot luck dinner (have to remember not to say 'tea' cause over here tea is morning or afternoon tea!). After the meal we were entertained by some lovely music and Maddison doing her best to get right in there!

She didn't last long at the keyboard though ... she spied these flowers and decided she'd be a much better conductor LOL

We did see the New Year in, but wasn't intentional! Just a late night with friends :-) Kids were absolutely knackered the next day.
On Sunday Aaron and Maddison were telling Daddy their thoughts on what the new baby would be and it's name. Aaron still says it's a girl, but just goes all goofy when we ask what he thinks we should name it!

Maddison just winks!
Then Aaron does his pop-eyed expression (please excuse all the food in his mouth!!).
They have been cute actually because both have been "talking" to my tummy ... Maddison it's just very loud squeals (I hope the sound is muffled for the baby!) and Aaron giggles and goes "hello baby", gives my tummy a poke and dashes off! On Thursday night I have my next appointment with the specialist so we are all going to go. Can't wait to see the kids faces when they see the baby on the scan monitor and hear it's heart beat.
Yesterday Lyndon was back at work and the kids and I spent some time in the playground during the afternoon. They did the running about ... I did the watching and taking the occasional photo!
They spent ages picking up stones from the fountain & throwing them back. Love Maddison's throw! (hardly went any distance lol)
But you would have thought it went miles with her expression!
One of the employees here came to feed the fish so the kids had a turn too ... Aaron even had to taste it himself!
Then seemed it was necessary to splash the water vigorously to spread the fish food about!!
Monkeying about on the playground ...
And trying to copy older brother!!
This morning I found them at the keyboard ... Aaron was playing and Maddison singing (with her dummy in!) LOL

Not sure just how they could sing to the beat Aaron had chosen at an extremely fast speed! He informed me they were singing the 2nd one in the book (even though they were at page 300 plus!) ;-) Whatever it was the beat didn't go with it :-)
Now I am off to catch up on some laundry and I feel like doing some baking :-) I'm over the morning sickness (thankgoodness). So doing the dishes isn't quite so painful anymore! lol Still have a bit of nausea first thing in the morning, but it goes as soon as I start eating! :-) Unfortunately I haven't got any motivation back for scrapping! Not fair really. Kids are back at school tomorrow though, so might get some time to muck about pretending to scrap then! ;-)
Thanks for visiting & our best wishes to you all for the new year. Hope it's a good one for you.


Darla said...

Oh my! I was away from blogging for awhile and what did you do? Go and get pregnant!! Congratulations! Cute to see the kids growing. They are beautiful!

Serene Ho said...

Always enjoy reading about your kids. Looks like the new year is looking up up up for you and family!
Happy New Year!

Mrs Frizz said...

I love the pop eye expression - too cute.

Happy New Year to you my friend ... hope it's not too hot over there for you.

You can always share some of that heat with us ... true!!!

Penny said...

Happy new year! enjoying the photos :)

Cindy Lee said...

Your kids are so cute and I love the way you write about them...so funny :)
Glad that the morning sickness is over. How far along are you now? Btw, I'm going to KL this Fri. And I hope to meet you if possible. If not, there's always other time.

~Sasha Farina~ said...

ohhhh... you're expecting!!! Yay Yay! Congrats Girl!