Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Things are getting back to normal around here ...

For example there's folded washing and ironing piled up on the couch to be put away, kids toys scattered all over the place, beds haven't been made, dishes haven't been done, laundry waiting to be tossed in the machine ... and I didn't get those cookies made yesterday!
But the best part ... these little cherubs went back to school today :-) :-) (evil laugh heheee)

Yeah Aaron looks a bundle of joy doesn't he! LOL That's because I didn't tell him till I was getting his bag ready that he was going back to school hehehee ... I just told him he was going to play with Yara his friend :-) Anyway as soon as he saw her he perked right up, ran and gave her a hug and all was right in his little world again. (Phew) He has the same teacher as he had last term, but there's 11 kids in his class this year!!! That will be interesting ... he will have to share the limelight a bit more ;-)
Maddison came with me to Aaron's class then we went off to find her locker and new teacher. She settled in really well, no tears or anything (long may that last!). I left her doing some beading :-)

And when I peeked in 10 minutes later (cause I had forgotten her nappies) she was sitting on the mat listening to a story. There's 7 kids in her class with 3 teachers.
I could see Aaron through the window as well ... he was standing in the middle of his class waving his arms about telling some big story! (not sure if I want to know what the story was or not!! I bet his teacher has lots of chuckles listening to his woffle!)
So ... now I have the messy house to myself I suppose I had better make myself useful and actually do some tidying up! Might even get some baking done this morning :-)


Serene Ho said...

I lurrvvee the tshirt that Aaron is wearing in the picture..haha. Good time out for you now that they are back in school. Enjoy your "me" time!

Anonymous said...

wow just been catching up. You have had a busy few months with visitors and crafting. Wow the kids have grown up so fast. Miss M now looks like a little girl and no longer a toddler. Congrats on the baby bump, how exciting for you all.

Janine said...

oops I forgot to put my name to the above

Penny said...

Heh - I'm feeling like Aaron about going back to work next week!

Enjoy the peacefulness :)

~Sasha Farina~ said...

wheeee.... i love it when kids are in school. LOL.

topkatnz said...

Glad to hear your sickness has eased - and what a lucky thing having yur kids back at school - still well and truly holiday time here!