Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tired ...

It's been a busy few days!
I tidied my craft room this morning ... put away all the stamps & class stuff that's been floating about on the floor, the couch and under my desk for the past 3 months or so! Lyndon informs me tonight that he can't tell I have actually done anything! (how rude!) But I know I have and it's a nice feeling knowing my stuff is back in it's proper place.
The art retreat on Saturday with Iris Babao Uy at Scrap-n-Crop was fantastic. Really enjoyed it. We created a little mini album with canvas covers and used all sorts of different techniques and products. I learnt lots and this afternoon I have finished putting it together (I think!), just have to add the journaling and maybe some more embellishments. But it's pretty much done. I will take some photos tomorrow afternoon and show you.
We've had some late nights (so have the kids). It's showing!
We are looking at buying a new bed - we've had this one for nearly 15 years ... and when there's a big bloke on one side, a beached whale on the other and then two little kids decide they want to get in ... there's not much room for the whale! ;-)
Aaron started music lessons after school today :-) It's just an hour a week in a combined class (8 in the class). They are learning the keyboard. Today was just a trial run so I could see whether it was worth paying for the whole 10 sessions, but I think we will. First of all he told me he didn't like it because it was too hard!!! (snigger) But I took him back to the class to meet the teachers and asked how he went and while we were talking he was fiddling about with the keyboard pushing buttons and playing the notes he learnt and was pretty happy with himself! So his excuse of it being too hard is just that ... an excuse! Hope he wasn't expecting to learn how to play the keyboard in a one hour lesson! LOL
Tomorrow we have a hospital visit (at 9am) !!! Gulp ... going to be an early start I think. Half the time I'm not even ready to take the kids to school by then!! Should be interesting to see where "bump #3" is going to be born.
And the best news of the week ... we have our first niece :-) So cool ... Aaron and Maddison have 6 little boy cousins and now there's a little girl to add to the ranks. Wonder when we'll get to meet her!! ;-)
Okay, that's enough random information. hehehee I'm off to bed for an early night. Be back tomorrow afternoon to show you my mini album.


Penny said...

I so need to clean up my scrap corner. I did make a start with the papers.

The bed sounds a great idea! KING size I think!

Hoping to start Tim with music lessons when he's old enough to appreciate the idea of practice... Ha!

Very exciting about the new niece. :) (I had no idea it was even expected but that just goes to show how out of touch I am). I've given up on the idea of my kids having cousins.

topkatnz said...

Well Lyndon should be diplomatic enough to SAY he sees a diff whether he can or not! I agree - 'how RUDE'heehee
Hope the music lessons go well for Aaron. and Yes; a KING size bed sounds just the thing!

Janine said...

wow the same bed for 15 years lol I thought we needed a new one and ours is 8 years old lol...have fun buying a new one.I giggled at Aaron's class as I could hear him saying that. I think he is going to have a blast.