Sunday, January 10, 2010

On Holiday

At a resort on the East Coast of Malaysia :-)
Lyndon has a week off work so we decided to head away to a beach. Aaron has been super excited about it ... we left Saturday afternoon and 10 minutes down the road he was asking "is this the way to the beach?" hehehehee
I was planning to upload a couple of photos, but as you can imagine I have taken quite a few and my poor laptop is struggling to read the memory card - I think cause there's so many. So photos will have to wait till we are back at the end of the week.
Totally different here to Pangkor Island where we have been a couple of times. Different coloured sand - it's a golden colour and quite coarse, lots of crushed shell amongst it. No trees actually on the beach itself, so there's no shade in the morning for sandcastle play! Tonight we went back to the beach about 6pm for an hour and it was lovely. Sun was lower so the top of the beach was in shade. I think the water temperature is cooler here too than the west coast of Malaysia. Kids have had fun and so far they haven't got sunburnt (for a change!).
Okay - I am off to bed now. Last night the "fun pub" was having a party and was in full swing (at high volume) till after 3am!! Not amused! Hoping that won't happen tonight!


Hannah said...

Have a wonderful holiday! Sounds fabulous. Look forward to seeing photos at a later date.

Janine said...

can't wait to see photos. Here's hoping the fun pub is a little quieter for you all tonight.

topkatnz said...

can't believe I am saying it - but I too am looking forward to seeing the photos!heehee