Tuesday, September 18, 2012

French Toast, Tooth Fairy & Swimming

The other night I was browsing Pinterest (as you do!) and I saw a french toast recipe for the slow cooker.  So I did a search and found a LOT.  So read a few and decided it would be interesting to try cooking Saturday night so it was ready for breakfast Sunday morning.

11pm Saturday.
 7am Sunday ... all done.
I have had the "original" style of french toast before and I'll be honest here ... I wasn't really too fussed with it.  Lyndon likes it though and I thought the kids would.  The version I made in the slow cooker .... well I ate most of my serving, but I wouldn't eat it again!  Lyndon said it was more like a bread pudding.  Aaron said "I like it a little bit".  Maddison had a major meltdown and wouldn't eat it until Lyndon poured some milk on it and afterwards when I asked her if she liked it, she said "it was delicious"!  Samuel couldn't tell me if he liked it or not!   I don't think I will bother making it again!  (It did smell good though!)

Aaron lost his 7th tooth last night.  His 3rd for this month!!!  I took a picture of him last night holding his tooth already for the tooth fairy in a little bag :-)
Showing his gappy smile today :-) 

This afternoon Samuel had his first swim lesson.  He did great and really enjoyed it.  
 Blowing bubbles in the water :-)

 Showing off his kicking style :-)

Details are up on Scrap-n-Crop's blog about the mini album class I am teaching there on Saturday 29th September :-)  You can check it out here.  Here's another sneak :-)

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topkatnz said...

Never thought of making French toast in the slow cooker - and after reading your reviews I'm guessing I shouldn't bother!lol

Anonymous said...

Interesting idea to make French Toast in the crockpot - I don't think I'll try it after reading everybody's reactions. I would imagine it was a bit "soggy" compared to regular FT?

I love the little bag for the lost tooth! Tyler lost one yesterday. He just gave it straight to me and asked for the money. No putting it under the pillow or anything these days! LOL!

Mrs Frizz said...

I was thinking more like a bread pudding myself ... and I'm keen on them ... haven't had one for ages though ... hmmmmmmmmm ...