Sunday, August 28, 2011

Let's Party!

Yesterday it was Aaron's 6th birthday. As usual I have an overload of photos to record the story :-) ... I'll start with Friday when I had two little helpers watching me bake the cake (and lick the beaters hehee).

After Aaron got home from school there was plenty of high jinks going on in their bedroom! Only one more sleep to go!
That evening when the kids were in bed the cake got decorated :-) Aaron's request for yet another racing track cake was an easy option for me hehee

While I was decorating the cake Lyndon very kindly blew up the "fire engine" ... unfortunately the pump I bought especially for the job wasn't very efficient!
But it looked great when he finally finished!
Before I went to bed I checked the kids and couldn't find Maddison. I went out and said to Lyndon, Maddison's not in her bed - where is she?!! He said "did you look under the bed"?! Apparently she "hated her bed and it wasn't nice anymore" so she got under it! I won't even try to understand her thought process on that one! (Yes we did move her back on top of her bed!)
Saturday morning bought lots of excitement with present opening! :-)

He was very spoilt with books, lego and hotwheels galore!
In the afternoon we had his party. We'd invited 12 other kids ... so had it at the playground! I definitely wouldn't have coped with 15 kids tearing around our apartment!

Samuel had a good observation point :-)
We had an "Amazing Race" party. I had done up a checklist of 10 activities for the kids to do and have checked off. It wasn't a "race" as such, but just to get each item ticked off and when they had done that they got a treat. They could do the activities in any order they wanted.
We had an egg and spoon race

We asked the kids to bring their scooters and they had to zig zag round the cones down the little ramp, round the fountain and back again while wearing a hat :-)

Count the steps up to the BBQ area and complete a Jigsaw puzzle.
Walk along a concrete ledge in the garden :-)
Forward roll.
The other activities were : Climb up the small slide and slide down the big one (I figured they were going to do that anyway so they might as well get a tick for it hehee); hula hoop; catch a ball; throw 2 dice and either get a 6 or two numbers that added to 6; and search for 6 numbered balls in the fire engine ball pit.
It was very thirsty work :-)

The treat was a "superhero" ice block. Samuel had an Iron man one :-)
Blowing out his candles.
After the "amazing race" we had food and then of course it was a race to scoff down what they wanted and get back out and play again! :-) The road cones didn't stay put for long, it became a game to hit as many as you could apparently!

Lots of goings-on in the slide!

And this morning Aaron set up his hotwheels track he got and showed Samuel how it worked :-) (I have a feeling he might regret doing that hehee)
Tons of left over food! Oh well better to have too much than not enough I suppose ... but I think I could have gotten away with only ordering half the number of pizzas!
Fun week ahead this week too. Maddison has all week off school, Aaron and Lyndon have holidays Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, so we are looking forward to that.
I will be back! Thanks for visiting.


topkatnz said...

What a cool cake - love all those red kitchen gadgets! Happy Birthday Aaron! Hope this week goes ok for you:)

Penny said...

Well done you! Awesome effort for birthday party. I am afraid I deviously persuaded Tim he should invite one friend and we go to Kelly Tarltons instead of having a "party". He was fine with it, so long as there was a birthday cake :)

Yeong Shong said...

great fun.....and very nice looking fire engine you have there...

Steeped in Beautea said...

Belated Happy Birthday Aaron. What a fantastic birthday party Rachel. What a great theme for a party.

Mrs Frizz said...

Okay, so it's a wee while ago now ... but happy birthday young man!