Monday, August 29, 2011

Mystery Reader

Aaron's teacher put in the first newsletter that parents could come in and be a "mystery reader" to the class. Last week I asked if I could today as I wanted to bring in cookies for the class for Aaron's birthday and thought I could do two things at once! :-)
Aaron had no idea heheee ... love that he was super excited to see me (and Maddison and Samuel).
After much deliberation I decided to take some Hairy Maclary stories and these two Little Kiwi stories (Little Kiwi and the Dinosaur and Little Kiwi meets a Monster) by Bob Darroch, both are New Zealand authors. Some of the kids had already heard about Hairy Maclary, so I read them the Little Kiwi stories.

The kids were really good listeners. It's nice reading when you know they are all listening and there's no high-jinks going on in the back row!! ;-)

And some of you may have heard me say (many years ago!) that if I had children they wouldn't pick their noses!! Well I regret saying that ... both Aaron & Maddison are pros at it! I asked Maddison to stop today and she told me "But Mummy I love my bogies!" Yugggggg ... I will just ignore it I think! (will stop me feeling sick anyway hehee)
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Penny said...

Kids do love stories :) Euuw about the boogers - Lydia is the bad one for that. :-/

topkatnz said...

ROFLMAO!...sorry can't get past the boogers...

Matt & Amy said...

Looks like you'd make a great teacher! We've got mystery readers coming in this week too!