Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New School Year about to begin ...

tomorrow for Aaron. This morning Aaron, Samuel & I headed to Aaron's school to see which class he was going to be in, who his class mates are and his new teacher. We managed to met his new teacher and she's just lovely. Her class is the "Lion Class" :-) There's a lot of soft toy lions in that class and books all about lions ... so should be an interesting year for him! :-) I had to grin to myself because last year the only 2 red haired boys at Kindergarten level were in the same class and they are this year too! Lion Cubs together!! heheee

Outside the classroom the noticeboard had a big welcome sign and letters from all last years Grade 1 Lion Class students welcoming the new Lion Cubs to Grade One! I thought that was pretty special.
Inside there was a world map jigsaw puzzle set up on a table and Aaron very quickly got busy with that and didn't want to leave until it was finished! (I suggested to the teacher she undid it all ready for tomorrow because he'd be happy to redo it again heehe) You can see a shelf in the background full of lions.
After he'd completed the puzzle he went looking around at everything on the shelves and pulled out a plastic Lego bin and asked if he could play with the Lego. The box didn't have Lego in it though! It had a bag full of short pieces of plastic pipe and elbows, which the teacher explained made "telephones" to practice phonics. She asked if we'd like to take the bag home and put the telephone's all together. So we've spent a bit of time this afternoon doing that and the kids have had fun "talking" on the phone! I must say you really only need to whisper because if you talk loud or shout you nearly blow out your eardrum!
Samuel loved them and spent ages saying "hi-eeee" and lots of other gibberty gook! :-)
So that's us for today. Hopefully the kids will actually go to sleep when they go to bed tonight so they will be up and going on time in the morning! (Won't be holding my breath about that though!)
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topkatnz said...

Cool 'phones' - what a great idea! Yay for getting a bit more space come tomorrow!! I cannot for the life of me really relate to parents who just can't bear it when their kids go to school - time for celebration I say!!LOL

Steeped in Beautea said...

Aww what a cool classroom.Love the jigsaw and phones. Enjoy some "me time" when the kids return to school.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a really cool classroom with lots of fun stuff! I love the "hand" chair and the phones. I'm sure Aaron will thoroughly enjoy himself :-)

Mrs Frizz said...

so how did school go ... looks like a fun class room to be in ...

and I have to say, those two next photos in your following post - stunning ... they look like staged photos or something out of a brochure ... fab-u-lous.