Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The roots are showing!

When we were in Cameron Highlands I found these grass heads ... so Monday last week the kids and I set them going (watching them soak in a bowl of water really helped the kids eat their dinner hehee) ;-)
There wasn't a lot of variety so Aaron and Maddison both got the same one and I got the last "little" one for Samuel (it's ears make me laugh!).

4 days later they were like this ...
The little one growing a great head of grass ... and showing off his roots!
Tonight they look like this. Maddison's one (in the middle) is growing a mono-brow hehee
Soon I think this one will need pigtails! :-)
Other news ... a birthday was celebrated and I consumed too much chocolate cake! :-) It was delicious though.
Lyndon found these little Buddha's for the kids to give me! They make me smile too. I also got the gorgeous vase in the background.
So another year done and dusted! Doesn't time fly when you are having fun! ;-)
Thanks for visiting. I am off to see if my roots are showing now hehehee


Anonymous said...

Those are awesome!! So cute! They grew pretty quickly as well (which is great when you have kids waiting and watching, huh?)

Penny said...

ha ha - funny :) And yummy cake

Mrs Frizz said...

wow ... seriously, that cake looks divine ... happy belated birthday.