Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Langkawi Part 1

Monday morning we were up bright and early and a taxi took us to catch the ferry to Langkawi at 8.15am.

I will tell you right now and if you have the chance to go to Langkawi and you or your travelling companions suffer from travel sickness then FLY! Don't even think about taking the ferry! It wasn't a very pleasant trip ... the ferry was packed with people & luggage, it wasn't what you'd call first class (especially after we have been on board!). Unfortunately we were on the lower seating deck and the windows were fogged up, scratched perspex which was impossible to see through. We weren't long into the journey (which takes around 3 hours) when Maddison turned to face the back of her seat and did a major throw up. I had 1 packet of wipes and nothing to catch it in. So you can imagine the state of the seat and her skirt! There was a very nice lady sitting across the isle that got us some plastic bags, so we managed to catch the next lot in that and I used half a packet of wipes to clean up the seat! It didn't help that both Lyndon and I were feeling very queasy as well! I had no sooner cleaned up Maddison's mess then Aaron did a cough and threw up all over himself and the iPad!! Nice one mate! His shorts were so bad I ended up taking them off and he went the rest of the trip in just his undies & tee-shirt! (goodness knows what people thought, but by that stage I was past caring and trying so hard not to throw up myself. I do confess to do some major dry reaching through!) Then Samuel filled his pants and it wasn't easy to find a space to change him with the ferry being so crowded!! (and no I couldn't take him to the toilets, that was a whole different issue which doesn't need to be mentioned on here! uggggh!) Lyndon took Samuel for a walk and found where to go to the top open air deck, so we all ended up there for a while.

When we arrived at Langkawi the kids had a ride on the Porters luggage trolley.

The hotel had arranged a pick up for us and it was about a 45 minute trip to the hotel which is just lovely :-) The first thing Samuel did when we got to our room was pick up the phone and say "hi-eeeee"!
We had lunch at the restaurant overlooking the pool area.
Samuel tried out my peanut satay sauce and found it quite to his liking!
After lunch Samuel had a sleep while Lyndon took the other two down to play on the beach which is a 2 minute walk from our door! Our room is the one with the washing hanging on the balcony.
Path down to the beach.
One of the restaurants
View over pool area from the lobby.

Another restaurant by the beach (we had dinner there last night).
The beach is covered in pieces of coral that the tide brings in.

And breakfast this morning! Our helper told me a couple of weeks ago that "Baby Samuel is a photocopy of 'Sir' Lyndon"!!! I didn't realise just how right she was heheheehe Look at the pair of them sharing that bowl of donuts!!! Samuel loves giving a big fake cheesy grin when the camera is pointed in his direction!
So right now Aaron is playing on the iPad, Samuel is sleeping, Lyndon has taken Maddison to the Medical Office to get her head checked and see if she can go swimming and I am blogging! :-)
Logging off now though. Want to find some activities we can do over the next couple of days.
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Trace said...

Talking of people who aren't organised Rachel...I sent off your self care parcel last week in the hope that you'd get it around the same time as us in NZ...and then today I found the card that was meant to be in there :-)...Sorry! If you'd like to send me your email addy I can send you what I wrote via that. Will be weird getting a present with no card lol.

Penny said...

ugh - miserable trip over. :( Hope the stay makes up for it!

Mrs Frizz said...

okay, so the boat trip doesn't sound flash and I for one so do NOT do the sicky bit either ... I would be right there with the kids ... ewwwwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhh!!!! fabulous photos ...

Steeped in Beautea said...

ewwww when I read about the boat trip and thanks for not telling us about the toilets....I already have a vivid imagination. Loved your accommodation. Hope your holiday is going well.

topkatnz said...

Wow you are a wee jetsetter! Loving Madisons headgear - fab look!LOL