Monday, August 8, 2011

Langkawi Part 2

Here's the next update of the remainder of our time in Langkawi.
This holiday, I learnt (again!) that when dealing with 3 active, busy little rascals, don't even bother trying to plan day trips or excursions! Because if they decide to behave the chances are the weather won't! It's much easier to just stay put and enjoy the facilities at the hotel hehee ;-)
When we arrived on the Monday, I realised in the afternoon that I had left an entire packet of nappies for Samuel back at the hotel in Penang, and discovered that I had none left in the nappy bag either! I managed to buy 8 at the hotel shop (for a grand sum of RM20) but I knew that 8 nappies was barely going to last 2 days. So Lyndon hired a car from the hotel in the afternoon and drove to the nearest store (which was probably about 20 minutes away) and found some pull-ups which did the trick. The car hire was for 24 hours, so we decided that we'd go the following morning and check out the cable car. Unfortunately the weather was very foggy in the morning so we decided to give it a miss as it would have just been a waste. The kids just wanted to play on the beach and in the pool anyway! So leaving the nappies behind turned out to be a very expensive mistake!! Oh well ... live & learn!
Mean while the kids spent their time doing this ...
Playing on the i-Pads.

Checking out beetles (this is especially for my nephew T) :-)

Aaron spent 90% of his time at the pool going down this slide!
Maddison was very brave and went down it by herself which was pretty major for her. :-) (Nice swimming cap to keep her stitches dry).
And Samuel was very busy in the little paddling pool strutting his stuff, pulling his hat off ...
Finding rocks to lick and taste and cart around.
And then making a mad dash as fast as he could away from Mummy! Turning back and laughing at me of course! hehee
Aaron & Maddison spent some time at the Kids Club one morning while I put Samuel to bed and Lyndon went and did a tour of the Mangroves.
Samuel discovered the boxes that the clean laundry was delivered in was heaps of fun to climb on.
It rained a couple of days we were there. One day it rained pretty much most of the day. It happened to be that day that Lyndon went on the Mangrove tour. He thought we could all go, but when we saw the brochure of what the boats were I just said NO! There would be no way I would enjoy it making sure the kids sat the entire time (was around 2 hours I think). Was glad we didn't go with the kids especially because of the weather!
Here's some of the pics he took. They visited some caves and saw heaps of bats.

Lots of birds.
And of course the rain! It was really really heavy! He came back absolutely drenched.

The boats ... can you imagine keeping our 3 kids sitting in one place on a boat like that without them leaning out over the side and "oh dear they've fallen in"!!! ;-)

Another bird ... sorry you'll have to turn your head.

And Lyndon himself at the end of the trip ... took about 3 days for his bag to dry out!
That evening we dined on the beach. The kids played in the sand.
There was a beautiful sunset.

And this is one of my favourite pictures I took that week :-) My mocktail was most appropriately named "sunset"! :-)
Typical pic of Samuel & I ... he has his little hand round the back of my neck with a FIRM grasp of my hair!
Thursday morning Lyndon very kindly gave me some time out from the kids, so I booked in for a massage! :-) It was such a beautiful setting. Massage was wonderful too! :-)
The view was just stunning.
Looking back to the hotel.
In the afternoon after Samuel had a sleep we all headed to the pool. Aaron & Maddison had dinner by the pool.
We had ours a little later at the restaurant (kids played on the i-Pads!). Every afternoon a local fisherman comes with his catch to the beach, they sound a gong and if you want you can go and choose which fish you'd like for your evening meal and tell them how you would like it cooked. So Lyndon chose one and it was just scrumptious. We also had salad & basmati rice.
I do wish the fish hadn't stared at me though ... especially with it's teeth bared!
Friday we had an early lunch and a taxi took us back to the ferry. We asked if we could stop at this huge eagle statue for photos on the way.

Our crossing back to Penang was actually really good. It was a different ferry and was a bit bigger. We got our seats (in the middle of the boat this time), dumped our bags and headed straight to the top open air deck. We were there less than 5 minutes when we were told we couldn't stay up there and we had to come down! :-( I was gutted. Fortunately though it was a really smooth trip. The kids played on the i-Pads for a bit then Cars 2 movie was showing on the big screen, so they watched that.
I was still relieved to get off that ferry! :-)
Be back tomorrow with the last holiday installment.


Steeped in Beautea said...

Ewwww at that beetle. Loved the view from your massage table what bliss. Good idea on not doing the tour of the mangroves given that horrible weather and the boats. Lyndon looked like he had fun even if he got drenched. Those bats are amazing.

Anonymous said...

LOVE all the photos! Just finished catching up on these ones and the ones in your latest post. The view from your massage table is amazing, I could totally get used to that kind of treatment! Love the photo of the kids eating dinner all wrapped up in towels, to me that's such a perfect holiday shot! :-)