Sunday, August 21, 2011

Yep I'm still here ...

Thought I better update ... photos of the kids again, as I haven't done any scrapbooking for simply ages! Oh well ... one day hopefully my scrapping mojo will return with gusto!
So Aaron started Grade 1. Here he is on his first day waiting for the teacher to welcome them in :-)
Getting his name tag on.
Setting up his desk with all his new stationery.
I had Maddison and Samuel with me that day as Lyndon was away and I had to be at school early to get a park, so couldn't drop Maddison off at her school before hand. Samuel was really good and just sat and watched in his pram. I was helping Aaron put away his stationery and books and looked around and my heart skipped a beat or two as I couldn't see Maddison ... so I did another scan of the room from a different vantage point and spied her being a darling! (for a change hehee) Sitting quietly in the hand chair reading a book. I was MOST impressed!

Later on her and Aaron sat on the mat and checked out one of the games.
Blue raspberry iceblocks leave a lovely mess! She tells me they are delicious, but doesn't like me scrubbing her face trying to get off all the blue stains!
Samuel is a ball of energy ... he's running, climbing and scampering everywhere, chatting the entire time. Loves sitting at the bookcase pulling out a book at a time and "reading". (This just takes me back 5 years ... it's exactly what Aaron was like!) :-)
Ahhh yes ... good morning gorgeous hehee :-) (time for a haircut I think!)

Tissues are very exciting as well ... if a box is within reach (even climbing reach) then each one is pulled out and "tested" with a nose blow, before being discarded and pulling the next one! (If it wasn't so messy it would be cute!) :-)
He loves climbing ... I can't even leave the pram up now. It needs to be folded and left upside down. I am afraid he will tip it over while standing up there screeching with delight! (Note the dining chairs stacked as well for the same reason. He climbs up onto the table!)
i-Pad time.
So that's it. I will probably be back tomorrow with more pics :-)
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Penny said...

ha ha - the hair the hair! :)

Steeped in Beautea said...

lol at Master S's hair, his hair does seem to grow quickly. Looks like Aaron is settling back into school. As for blue things for some reason I can't eat them lol, but Miss Maddison looks like she has no problems eating blue foods lol.

Matt & Amy said...

Love, love, love Samuel's hair! You just have to laugh!! Exciting to see Aaron's school - pretty awesome equipment and resources by the looks. Hope you're having a wonderful birthday!

Trace said...

Hi Rachel

Any news on the pamper package arriving yet?