Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Final Night in Penang & Then Home!

We went back to the same hotel we stayed at the previous week in Penang. After we had settled into our room we headed to the restaurant and Lyndon & I enjoyed an Indian buffet and watched another beautiful sunset.

Saturday morning Aaron & Maddison enjoyed time at the kids club, while I went to the Butterfly Farm and Lyndon took Samuel for a walk to get him to sleep (and he had a foot massage!) :-)
The Butterfly Farm was beautiful - if you are ever in Penang it's really worth a visit - it's much much much nicer than the KL one.
What you see when you first walk into the butterfly section.
There was a display filled with cocoons/chrysalis ... they were awesome colours.
Lots of different types of Caterpillars.

And of course butterflies.
And flowers! I'll let the pictures do the talking :-)

Water Dragon.
Green Iguana.

Very pretty ponds & waterfalls.

"Monkey Cups".

Inside there were wonderful displays of other bugs & creepy crawlies :-) One glass cage was full of all different sorts of frogs & toads.

This one is a tree frog.
Can't remember what these beetles were called sorry. But they were so shiny!

Other glass cases with lizards in them.
A couple of close ups.

And can you guess how many snakes were in this tangle? (I think they are whip snakes.)
There were 4.
After I got back from the butterfly farm we had lunch, packed the car and headed for home. It wasn't long before Samuel was fast asleep and Aaron & Maddison were asking if we were nearly home! It was a LONG trip back I tell you!!

A small glimpse into the motorways here.
We stopped at a rest area for the kids to have a run around in the scorching heat (it was 39degs when we left Penang!). It helped with the complaining a bit ... I was just sorry they didn't sleep like Samuel did! ;-)

Having a donut snack.
Samuel had his donut squashed in his hand! His fake grin just cracks me up :-)
We got home about 6.45pm on Saturday night. Yesterday we got back into the swing of normal routines again. Lyndon left for Taiwan for the week, Maddison started back at school and Aaron starts on Thursday! :-) It's been a long summer break hehee :-)
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