Sunday, July 31, 2011


Another photo overload!
We had a good trip to Penang on Thursday. Penang is a small island which is part of Malaysia. There's a bridge between Penang and Peninsula Malaysia ... the kids were excited to cross it :-)

One of the many streets we drove through on our way around the coast to our hotel.
Which is right on the beach :-)
After we had checked in we headed to the beach and did a little exploring!
Especially Samuel ... he seemed to be VERY attracted to the water!
and then once he was well and truly wet came back and got himself covered in sand!
Aaron was very excited with his dinner that evening! Hahaaha ... his favourite meal!
At breakfast Friday morning.
Friday we spent just relaxing at the hotel. Maddison was grounded as far as swimming went for the day as her behaviour left a lot to be desired the previous evening!
Samuel had a tug of war with my hair.
In the afternoon Maddison, Samuel and I joined Lyndon & Aaron down by the pool for an ice cream.
The kids have an awesome little "suite" in our room.
It has a pirate theme.
Samuel ended up just sleeping in our bed, although there was a trundler bed under the bottom bunk in the kids room. Even though he's the littlest one here he still manages to take up half the bed! He's a bed hog!
Sunset Friday night from a BBQ restaurant a little way down the beach from our hotel.
Saturday we went to Penang Hill on the cable railway. We couldn't believe how busy it was! The trains were just packed.
A temple at the top of the hill.
And a playground! :-) Samuel's new word for Saturday was "GO" ... he says it a lot with a twinkle in his eye! So every step he went up it was "go" and coming down the slide it was "go, go, go"! :-)
Very independent - didn't want any help and did it all by himself.
There was a lady up there making these awesome grass hoppers out of palm leaves. Very clever watching her make one.
Heading back down to the train.
This time Aaron managed to get a spot right at the front ... he was very excited about that.
That afternoon we were going to go to the butterfly farm, but Lyndon and I decided it wasn't worth the effort with the kids! So we headed to the beach instead. I will have to go to the butterfly farm another time.
Lots of tasting going on!
Large holes dug to make it easier to keep little boys away from the water hehehe

This afternoon Lyndon took Aaron & Maddison downstairs while Samuel had a sleep. Aaron played some table tennis.
While Maddison found some microphones from off the stage and was prancing around singing!
Then at 4.40pm our day turned to custard! We were all ready to go out and Maddison was climbing down from the top bunk and slipped and fell back to the desk in their room and made this huge gash in her head. Again I am amazed at how much head wounds bleed! What a mess!!
The hotel was great though and arranged for a staff member to take us to a clinic. Unfortunately when we arrived Maddison just screamed blue murder and wouldn't let anyone look at it let alone touch it, so they politely suggested we go to the emergency department at the hospital. So we head out of the clinic to find that a car had driven into the back of the hotel's vehicle! Thankfully it wasn't damaged very much, but the guy that did it was incredibly rude!
Eventually we ended up here.

Maddison still wasn't cooperating very well! But I managed to get her calmed down a little and at least she had stopped screaming! Once we were all checked in and the paper work done the Dr came to look at her and the performance started all over again! I think the Dr just gave up actually and basically told me that she would have to go to theater and get it stitched as she wasn't very co-operative!
Then Maddison decided she had to go to the toilet, so we deal with that and I have another chat with her and she decides yes she will let the Dr look at it (mainly because I had told her that if it wasn't fixed she wasn't able to go swimming!). But as soon as the Dr came and touched her head, off she went again! Aghhhhh ... I felt like yelling myself! I told the Dr that she's 4 years old, this is her temperament and we just have to deal with it and get the job done. But I think the Dr was scared hehehee So I gave up and came out and talked to Lyndon and asked him to talk to her because I wasn't getting anywhere - the Dr wouldn't even look me in the eye and just kept saying she would have to go to theater. Eventually, after much discussion between Lyndon and the Dr she agreed to try (I think Lyndon told her it was okay to hold her down and just go for it). So I stayed out with the boys and Lyndon went in with Maddison and I think they had 4 people holding her down while the Dr stitched her up (5 stitches) and the entire time she screamed at the top of her lungs calling for either Daddy or Mummy! What a performance!

When she came out of the emergency room's Aaron said to her "did the Dr stitch your brains back in?"!!!!! heheheeee
How I am going to do her hair tomorrow is a whole another story I am sure!
Tomorrow morning (early) we are heading to the ferry to Langkawi, so we are looking forward to that. I sure hope we don't have any repeats of this afternoon though!!!!
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Steeped in Beautea said...

Aaron says the funniest things.The comment to Miss M about her brains being stitched back in cracked me up. Glad she is okay and Miss M sounded like she had a great drama queen moment at the hospital. Personally I don't blame her.

Penang looks great, your accommodation looked fab, specially with the kids having their own themed suite.

The beaches look so golden with that sand....and your photos are making me ache for summer or at least sun lol.

Yeong Shong said...

oww.....poor little Miss M...I hope she recover soon...
enjoy your Langkawi trip...

Penny said...

aaaargh - too bad about M. :(

topkatnz said...

Firstly, that grasshopper is amazing. Dunno how you managed to share a bed with Samuel - I never shared with either of mine - ever - I'd hesitate to do it now. And Madison. Hells Bells - couldn't they have given her a mild sedative?? Aaron was very helpful though - should've called him in earlier - the threat of your brains falling out might've shut her up!!LOL

aussiehen said...

I was giggling away at Maddison's performance and Jacob wanted to know why I was laughing. I explained and showed him the photos and he very seriously said "that's not funny Mummy poor Maddison" so consider me chastised.
I hope the rest of your holiday is much less eventful

Mrs Frizz said...

Okay, so truly I have to feel for little Miss M ... but OMG I am seriously sitting here laughing over Master A's comment ... what a crack up ... you are so gonna have to scrap that my friend ...