Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I haven't got anything crafty to share ... no motivation to scrapbook even though I want to! So thought I would share some pics of the kids.
Saturday they spent some time playing games on the iPad!

Sunday evening Aaron was doing forward rolls or something else silly on the couch in the craft room and I have no idea what he did but he managed to whack his head on the corner of my desk! (OWWWWW) We never heard anything and didn't see it as he was in there by himself, but he came out after a few minutes with blood all over his hands! I thought he had cut his hand! Then I saw the back of his shirt and head. It wasn't really bad actually - but head wounds always seem to bleed a lot.
I have been wanting to french braid Maddison's hair for a while. I sure need the practice. Anyway I asked her on Monday if I could ... she needs practice keeping her head still and I need more fingers I think! ;-) After I had finished I took her to the bathroom and showed her in the mirror and she grinned and said "it's like Grandma"!! :-) Unfortunately about 10 minutes after that she came to me and said she wanted it out and in a "pony"! :-( Oh well maybe I can do it every day for 10 minutes just to get some practice hehee
We went swimming yesterday afternoon and the kids had a swimming lesson this afternoon. Both times Aaron has spent time lying on the concrete warming himself up!
Tonight I heard lots of crashing about in the kids room and discovered they had tipped out all the duplo and were building Dora a house :-) Only problem was the room (which was spotless an hour earlier) was a shambles and according to Aaron & Maddison, "Samuel was disturbing them"!

They were very good though and helped me clean up afterwards on the condition I would leave Dora's house out for them to play with in the morning!
Our Landlord has our condo for sale and tomorrow morning an agent is bringing a prospective buyer through. So I told the kids they had to help me tidy up before they went to bed and then again in the morning, because someone was coming to look at our house and maybe buy it. Aaron looks at me and says "are they going to buy our toys?" :-) I said "no they weren't but we had to tidy the toys up so the room didn't look messy". "Oh", he says, "We will hide them all so they can't buy them"!!!! heheheee
Other news ... we have taken the bunks down in the kids room, Maddison is sleeping in the other bed and Samuel is sleeping in her old bed. He thinks he's a bit of all right too! I have yet to get a photo though. We have had a visitor the last few days so at the moment his bed is in our room. When Lyndon gets back next weekend we will dismantle the cot and put Samuel's bed back in the spare room! :-) So far though I think he is sleeping better in the bed - probably because it's wider. He's the spread out, turn around, lie upside type in bed! :-)
Thanks for visiting. Maybe my next post will be something crafty!


topkatnz said...

Ouch - don't head wounds bleed so much! glad it wasn't serious. Kids look so cute when they first graduate to a real bed!

Penny said...

Heh heh - that's what mine think too when we talk about selling the house.

Serene Ho said...

oh i hope the wound wasn't bad. But looks like he had forgotten about it at the swimming pool :)) Have you got a new place already? funny that the kids know how to hide things that they want to safe keep LOL

Mrs Frizz said...

yee-ouch on the head wound and you're right, blood goes everywhere and nine times out of ten, it's the blood everywhere that makes it look a whole lot worse. Fab photo of the kids all playing together nicely.