Monday, July 25, 2011

Turning 4

Is lots of fun! :-) After the kids had breakfast and were dressed we watched Maddison open her presents :-) Aaron & Samuel helped of course!

Barbie doll from her brothers.
The little present that Samuel didn't want to give up ... it obviously past the taste test hehee!! (It was a new Barbie toothbrush and toothpaste.)
Lots of books.
All hands helping to rip off the wrapping!
WOW ... "Tankchew (that's Thank You in Maddison's speak!) it's my favourite scooter!" :-)

More books :-)
I cheated here ... I was going to bake cupcakes, but ran out of time with everything else I was supposed to be doing (dealing with piles of laundry and trying to pack for our holiday). So Lyndon picked up these little cupcakes this afternoon and I just added the little fairies on the top. :-)

Samuel spies an opportunity when Maddison isn't looking to poke his finger into a cupcake hehee
They disappeared very quickly :-)

Thanks for visiting. I may or may not be blogging while we are away. It will depend on my energy levels! (hard work lounging about on a beach you know! hahaa) :-)


Steeped in Beautea said...

Happy Birthday Miss M, what a beautiful bounty of pressies. Loved the cake you made for her in the post below, that butterfly was amazing. The cupcakes are cute...and the fairies you added to them made it.

Ouch at that bruise Master S got. Lets face it a holiday at the beach sounds so much better than winter in NZ. Enjoy the break away.

Anonymous said...

Happy 4th birthday to Maddison! Looks like she got some awesome gifts, and I love those cupcakes - totally cute!