Friday, July 22, 2011

Kid Catch Up

Photo overload sorry. I have been a bit slack with the blogging, so here's some pics of what the kids have been up to over the last 2 weeks.
Games of monopoly ... and constant calls of "MUMMY come and get Baby Samuel, he's disturbing us"!! :-)

Samuel with a nasty bruise on his forehead ... that's what you get when you climb up on big brothers chair at the dinner table and loose your balance and head-butt the floor!
Last Saturday we spent some time at a toy shop ... they had an awesome Lego display of Pirates of the Caribbean.
Samuel had his first Ferrari ride :-) hehehee
Playing with my sunhat!
When you are looking down at him you can't actually see him the hat is so big! :-)
Samuel fast asleep in his new bed. :-) Talking about him sleeping ... we have had some rough nights recently. I wasn't really thinking about what it could be, except he was being a total Mummy's boy! Anyway I took him to my chiropractor and while he was giving him a wee adjustment I noticed that Samuel had 2 new teeth! BIG ONES! Couldn't believe it! One was nearly through and the other about half way. So no wonder he's been a monkey at nights! But I do think the adjustment helped as well (plus bonjella!) ;-)

Roaring like a lion with a face covered in ice-cream!
"Take a photo of me Mummy!"
I have been getting together a pile of baby things to give away. Samuel re-discovered his car and got into it himself! Nice leg work hehee
Yesterday I had a couple of little helpers while I was baking Maddison's birthday cake.
Little Miss Nearly 4 with her cake this morning. She took the cake to school today to share with her class mates as they break for a 2 week holiday today (her birthday is Monday). She chose what cake she wanted from the birthday cake book, but didn't see it finished until this morning. After she had a look she came out to me and said "It's very beautiful Mummy, thank you"! :-) Awwwww

Blowing out the candles at school ... note big brothers hands directing her head! haha
Getting the first piece!
And going back for more mini marshmallows! :-)

So that's about it from here. There won't be much blogging happening over the next couple of weeks either as we are going on holiday :-) Woo Hoo. Looking forward to that. Fingers crossed that Maddison won't get too carsick!
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Serene Ho said...

Happy birthday Maddison! Time flies so fast and another year has come. Hope Samuel's head is ok. Enjoy your holiday!

topkatnz said...

That is such a sweet photo of Madison and her cake:) I never would've thought of taking my kids to the chiropractor...wonder if it would sort them out now??

Eve said...

That cake looks yummy!!