Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Family Banner

A couple of Saturdays ago (man time is flying past!) I attended a Crop.Arty at Scrap-n-Crop. Was heaps of fun playing with different mediums. I must say though it was hard work! (That's why the faces are still blank hehee). After we had created the backgrounds to the five pieces of canvas and started working on the people, I suddenly realised there were five so I could do one for each of us. They are hopelessly out of scale ... poor Maddison is the biggest! Oh well ... you get that when I am the one that's creating art! haha
So this is my banner once we had finished class. Left to right ... Lyndon, me, Aaron, Maddison & Samuel! ;-)

And this week I have played some more and added some background stamps on each one. Just to fill in the blank bits a little.

Loved playing with the gel medium (which I coloured yellow) to create the "sun" on Lyndon's piece. And the lace on my piece I used with gel medium on Samuel's one and I rinsed it out when I finished and once it had dried I cut it up to trim my clothes. :-) Funny that I did myself with arms on my hips! ;-) (for those that know me ... they'll know it's something I do a lot haha)

Samuel's shorts are fabric.
I am going to hang this above my craft desk :-) I love that it's bright and happy (even if we don't have faces! hehee)
When I got home after the class, the kids though it was great and spent ages touching all the texture on it, but the next afternoon I discovered Samuel had ripped off the top of Aaron's head! THANKFULLY I found it on the floor so was able to glue it back on! (That's what happens when Daddy isn't watching where he's climbing!!!!)
Thanks Scrap-n-Crop - I had lots of fun :-)


Anonymous said...

wow I love your family banner this is awesome!! What a great day you had but even better is the family treasure you now have.

Penny said...

Lovely! But.. one problem - L has hair?!

SCRAP-n-CROP said...

oooh cool that you added stamping!