Wednesday, July 6, 2011

This last week ...

Just thought I would share some pics of what the kids have been up to this last week or so.
Aaron & Maddison have started swimming lessons.

Yesterday was their 3rd lesson. They absolutely love it. I am enjoying watching them with the swim instructor too. They totally crack me up. Aaron spends a lot of time telling him what he can do and how "Mr R..." from his school does things heheee Maddison holds on tight like a leech to him when she's in the big pool and loves playing in the small pool with all the cool toys he has.
Here's Aaron sitting on the side of the pool "negotiating" with the swim instructor (he got a bit cold ... I know it's around 35degs C but the pool isn't heated and when you don't have excess fat you do get cold ... well I imagine you do ... I can't tell you that from experience haha).
He loves playing with this rocket while Maddison has her lesson.
Maddison practicing her kicking ... apparently she needed to take her new "friends" with her!
Told you he has cool toys! I had to make sure that he got them back as I am sure she would have sneaked them home! ;-)
Samuel loves splashing in the pool too!
Having an afternoon snack together on the couch. Samuel thinks he's the bees knees sitting up there with Aaron & Maddison having the same things in a bowl just like them! :-)

I've got new shoes!
They are so good I am ready to go outside any chance I get!
Watch me walk all around inside ... and no I don't want to take them off thank you very much!!!
On Monday I was in the kitchen and this little basket case came wandering along! He'd tipped out the rubbish and popped the basket on his head and thought he was very clever! :-) He could see through the little slats!
So that's a little of what the kids have been doing. :-)
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Penny said...

cool toys alright :) T & L are still doing lessons up at the school pool.

topkatnz said...

I could do with a bit of that swimming weather here!

Anonymous said...

Looks like they are having lots of fun! My boys love their swimming lessons too but I'm sure they would enjoy them more if they were in an outside pool in 35 degree heat! I'm a little jealous ... it's getting a bit chilly down here in NZ! :-)

SCRAP-n-CROP said...

In the pic of the 3 of them on the couch, aaron looks so grown up!

Anonymous said...

Miss M's french braid looks good, I wouldn't even no where to begin. LOL at Master S, sounds like he likes to starfish in the bed. Eeeks at having a buyer coming through, are they buying to invest, so therefore you stay and don't have to move?