Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Excitement & Upsets ...

Yesterday a parcel arrived from Nana & Grandad with presents for the kids :-) Super excitement I tell you! (Please excuse the scruffy little urchin in the first photo hehehe ... no idea what she had done with her hair!) ;-)
Awesome to hear Aaron actually reading the words in his card :-)
And of course the little fella can't miss out on the action!
Then it was straight to the table (out of Samuel's reach) to play with their presents ... in Aaron's case - putting together his lego set; and Maddison doing colouring.
Thank you Nana & Grandad - awesome presents! :-)
Later in the afternoon I dashed out to get some bread and when I came back Aaron opened the door for me very upset and nearly in tears. He told me "his tooth was wobbly and it was all bleeded"! I of course was super excited and told him so in no uncertain terms :-) hehehee I am sure he wondered what on earth I had eaten and that I had gone crazy! hehee I haven't talked to the kids before about the "tooth fairy", but yesterday I got the chance. Aaron still wasn't 100% sure about the whole thing though, he was okay, but he wasn't happy about it. I found out later that he had put a couple of pieces of lego together that wasn't right and used his teeth to get them apart! So his bottom two front teeth are loose.

During the night I remembered (as you do!) that I had a book put away about loosing a tooth, so this morning I got it out and read it to the kids and oh that made it SO much better! hehee I even wrote a note for the teacher and put a zip-lock bag in his pack just in case they come out at school!

The best thing for me was that in this story the tooth fairy was very kind and after she had taken the tooth and left Clifford with a big doggy bone treat, she gave the tooth to someone to display in their shop window. So I could very happily say that I really hoped that when his tooth did come out and the tooth fairy took it that she would know Mummy would really like that tooth for his scrapbook! :-) heheehee
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topkatnz said...

Ashlee swallowed her first loose tooth with the apple she was eating at the time; and lost her second in the bark chips in the school playground!LOL So cute that he was so upset about it being loose!heehee

Serene Ho said...

Thanks to the lego block that helped make the "tooth fairy's" wish come true for her new scrapbook layout :)

Mrs Frizz said...

I just hope that the tooth fairy remembered to visit.