Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Boys and their toys!

Last weekend Lyndon helped Aaron put together the air driven boat he got for his birthday.
SUCH excitement :-) Imagine if you will Samuel doing the chicken dance! ;-)
Daddy to the rescue to keep Samuel's wings in hehee
Final adjustments!
Ready to test.
Humm ... goes very fast, but shouldn't be spinning water all over the place like that! :-) (it needed a little modification). I think the kids enjoying it spinning the water everywhere better though :-)
Kids started their swimming lessons again yesterday after summer break.
Today at school Aaron had a "Me Museum" day. They had to take along things about themselves to display on their desk and then tell people about them when they stopped to check it all out. What a noise in the room!
Aaron's table was covered in his FAVOURITE things ... Ferrari's, Ferrari hat, Lego books (because I didn't let him take Lego), Hot Wheels track, Hot Wheels cars and of course you can't forget an Angry Bird! They had to bring a cloth for the table, so we decided on a tea-towel with kiwis and a map of New Zealand on it. :-)
One little girl bought along her hamster! I was sure it was going to be dead by the end of the day with heart failure! The class was so noisy and everyone that stopped at her desk opened the cage and petted, poked and prodded the poor little thing! Anyway it seemed it survived the ordeal! Another little boy bought along 2 hermit crabs! :-)
And tonight I thought Samuel was very quiet and walked into the kitchen to find this!

He had dragged the little table into the kitchen and was giving the dish brush his taste test!!
I said to him "Hey you ... what are you doing!???" He turned around and gave a big squeal and pointed the brush at me! When Aaron saw this photo he said "Baby Samuel looks like a pirate!" hehee
So that's us! Thanks for visiting.


Penny said...

A "me museum" is a cool idea :)

S reminds me of Lydia - she would pull the stool, the rice tupperware container or anything she could get up to the sink in order to play with the water.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, Samuel is looking so much like Aaron! More obvious when you see them together like that. He is certainly growing up - I can't believe he is big enough to climb up on stuff like that, it seems like not so long ago you were posting about his arrival. Wow, time flies :-)

Steeped in Beautea said...

LOL at Master S, he amuses me. He is such a daredevil. Love that Aaron's class had a "me" museum day. What a great idea. Glad to hear the hamster survived.

topkatnz said...

I just can't believe how grown-up Samuel is getting! gosh time flies!

Mrs Frizz said...

That bottom photo ... he's definitely going ... ta da!!!! Watch out !!!!

Way too cute.