Wednesday, September 7, 2011

No Upsets this afternoon!

Another parcel arrived with belated birthday presents today :-) So it was more excitement. Maddison got a gorgeous cupcake apron, oven mitt and Chef's hat which she thinks is fabulous. So fabulous in fact that she insisted on wearing it down to greet Aaron off the school bus heheeheeee (He wasn't that impressed!) ;-) I can't wait to take pics of her wearing it all playing at her kitchen.

Aaron got an electronic air driven boat ... which I have put up till Daddy gets back home on Friday! (Thankfully he was okay with that as he hasn't completed the lego kit from yesterday!)

AND ... daadaaaadadaaaaaa ... One of Aaron's teeth came out today at school. :-) Apparently it came out while he was eating his sandwich at lunch. He said he didn't want anyone to see it so put it in his lunchbox and then in his pocket and then when he got back to class in his bag! I got a little frantic when he told me he put it in the outside pocket ... it took me a while to find it!

This one's for you Daddy :-)
And tonight he's gone to bed with that tiny little tooth in an organza bag all ready for the tooth fairy. :-)
I told them they had to go straight to sleep because if the tooth fairy came and saw they were awake then she would just leave (hehehee). It worked for him, but Maddison took a while to go to sleep and when I checked on them she had opened the curtains because she wanted to be able to see this tooth fairy! (I sure hope the fairy doesn't get caught!) :-) :-)
All is quiet now and I am hoping that Samuel will stay asleep so the tooth fairy can get her work done!!
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topkatnz said...

The apron set is very cute indeed, although I would probably not wear it out myself!LOL I think our tooth fairy has dementia over here - she's VERY forgetful!

Steeped in Beautea said...

Love the look on Miss M's face as she is reading her card lol. Love the presents, gotta love happy mail, twice in one week lol. Yippe for one tooth coming out and making it home safe and sound. Love that you were a mystery reader and got to share some kiwi reading with the children.

Serene Ho said...

Wearing the apron and going downstairs to greet Aaron cracked me up. LOL.

Anonymous said...

She looks so cute in her new outfit - very much the chef! Gorgeous :-)