Friday, September 23, 2011


It's been a while since I updated sorry! It's been a bit full on with bugs here :-( We have all been sick, but apart from Samuel we're all well again now. Here's some pics of what's been happening since I last updated.
This week at school Aaron is the "Super Star", which means he takes along photos to pin up on the wall about himself and his family. So he's taken pics of us, his grandparents, his cousins, sack riding with Grandma, seeing the Tuatara's at the Southland Museum, feeding baby lambs with Nana, and of course himself with his all time favourite car! (Wearing matching accessories of course hehee)

Samuel has been learning to play Angry Birds!!
The tooth fairy has paid another visit :-)
At 5.30am the following morning Aaron & Maddison came into our room and were reading the letter from the tooth fairy by the night light on the air purifier! Yeah thanks kids for waking us up!
Maddison had a dress up day and chose to wear her Chinese dress again. Here she's playing with a new Japanese sushi tea set in her class room.

When Samuel and I take Maddison to school as soon as we get to her class he's off like a shot to the book shelf and gets down this book ... every single time!
This week Aaron has had dress up day every day of the week. Monday was pajama day, Tuesday was twin day so the boys wore blue and the girls wore pink, Wednesday was rainbow day, Thursday was favourite celebrity or a book character (I really wanted him to go as Tintin, but he didn't want to wear a blue shirt! So he went with his Ben 10 tee-shirt), today they went wearing orange and black for Tiger Day and were also raising money for the endangered Malayan Tiger.
I walked down to school on Monday to take some pics of him and his class mates in their pj's.

Had to laugh at his work on the wall ... he is really into doing what he calls "evil" faces at the moment ... so he gave himself an evil face (it's all about the eye brows apparently!). Love his drawing of New Zealand as well :-)

When his teacher found out he had lost a tooth he got to write his name on a paper tooth and pin it to the tooth fairy "Lion"!

Maddison drew a picture for Grandma ... hope you like your undies with the heart on them Grandma heheheheheheeeeee
Since Aaron started school last year I have been struggling to get him to eat all his lunch, in particular his sandwiches. This week I thought I would try something a little different and use my collection of cookie cutters. He loves gingerbread men, so this week he has had a gingerbread man sandwich (with a heart) every day and what do you know ... he's eaten it every day as well! Fantastic! Long may it last!

I went on the bus with Aaron to school today so I could take pics again. When we got to school there were a "tiger team" doing face painting. So I asked him if he wanted his face painted and he did! (last year there was no way he would have done that!).

When I left his tee-shirt had heaps of face paint on it already ... goodness knows what it's going to be like by the time he gets home today!
So that's us ... roll on the weekend!
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Penny said...

I like undies with hearts on...

Anonymous said...

I love Angry Birds! Can Samuel really play it? How clever of him!
Great idea to cut Aaron's sammies into fun shapes, and even better that it is working!

topkatnz said...

maybe I need a gingerbread cutter to spice up my lunch...

Steeped in Beautea said...

Aww looks like you have been a busy family. Wow Samuel is starting to shoot up and he seems to have lost his baby fat (not that he had a lot) but he looks like a young boy now. Miss M cracks me up with her expressions, loved the bed hair look and the checcky tongue poked out. Aaron also seems to be growing up so fast, thats awesome that he wanted his face painted.

Shirl said...

Hi Rachel, it certainly seems like ages since I last dropped by! So glad to be seeing such a long update on one post after not visiting for so long :) I do hope that Samuel will get well soon too!

Awesome idea with the gingerbreadman cookie cutter, and I surely love "Grandma with heart undies" by Maddison, LOL. I'm pretty sure the grandma will love it too!

Sending cyber hugs to you, Aaron, Maddison and Samuel :)