Wednesday, May 5, 2010


The kids must have had an excellent nights sleep because they were sooooooo good this morning! They ate all their breakfast and played really nicely together AND best of all we were at school on time (before 9am even!!) heheee ;-) (All thanks to my darling hubby helping with their breakfast.)
They are studying transportation this term at school (last term it was dinosaurs). :-) So I got a lift the flap book on vehicles out for Maddison to take to school. Aaron is reading it to her here. I love listening to him read ... it makes me laugh. (He has a very good memory ... read a story to him 3-4 times and he can just about read it back to you! With a few variations of course, but the gist of the story is there! The variations make it much more interesting! hehee)

Lyndon gets his stitches out today sometime (6 of them). He took of the sticky strips yesterday and I think it looks a bit like a Frankenstein scar!! When I had a closer look I said to him "oh they did cut your hair". His comment was "no they plucked it ... well that's what it felt like because their scissors were so blunt!" LOL

Monday and Tuesday I got some scrapping done! 6 LO's actually ... including journaling. Most impressed with myself. I'm just going to show 4 here because I can't be bothered blurring out people & journaling on the other 2. They are all for our holiday album, which is looking decidedly fat! I am wondering if I am going to need an album for each of the 3 months we were away! (hehehee)
Queens Park LO I used some of the Chatterbox papers I won from Scrap-n-Crop's easter egg hunt. :-)

One day we spent a whole day down at my sisters place and as you can imagine we did a lot and I took tons of photos ... I think I will have 8 LO's just of that one day!!!!!!!!! I have already done one which I blogged the other day here, but have challenged myself to try and use up some of my Basic Grey Archaic papers for the rest of the LO's :-) (I have quite a few pieces of each paper hehee)
My brother-in-law made a comment about me when I was taking the kids for a ride on this little bike that "there is actually a bike under that!" hehehee ... all I can say is if I was on it now you would see even less of the bike and there wouldn't be room for the kids! LOL

I think this 'fossick' LO is my favorite out of the ones I have done the last couple of days. It so reminds me of my Mum and her eldest sister! :-)

Okay, I am off to see what needs to be done with the laundry pile. Thanks for visiting.


topkatnz said...

Well done on getting so much scrapping done! I am well impressed! Amazed that they didn't shave Frankestein/I mean, Lyndons hair before the stiches!

J9 said...

awwww at the kids, they look so cute. Like Heidi I am impressed with the amount of scrapping you have done.

Serene Ho said... may LOs in a day? Amazing! Hope to hear Aaron's story telling one day :)

Mrs Frizz said...

would be interesting to be a wee fly on the wall and listening into Aaron telling the story ... and little Miss M just sitting there being read to ...

Love that motorbike layout ... go you ... vrrrrrrrrrooooommmmm!!!!

Hopefully those stitches came out without too much pain ...

Penny said...

That BG is getting used :)
Tim "reads" stories and so does Lydia. It's rather cute. Of course, when it's school reading Lydia is also there to listen... can't miss out on a story even when it's your brother doing it.