Tuesday, May 11, 2010

After School Fun

This afternoon we walked (or waddled in my case!) down to post a parcel and buy some bread & milk. The kids just couldn't resist the fountain though!

Yes Maddison got wet!
Then because it was just so hot we went to Baskin Robbins for a treat :-) Maddison had strawberry.
Aaron had blue raspberry sherbet!
And they were lucky to have a balloon each to run home with (where they get their energy to run in this heat I have no idea!).
Later on Grandma took them to the playground to try out some new bubble guns. Aaron obviously thinks you need to stand on tippie-toes to get the gun to work heheee.
After it stopped raining some other little kids came down and Maddison helped herself to someones sunglasses and spiderman toy!
Glamour Girl!! ;-)

Now they are tucked up in bed fast asleep - totally worn out.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great way to beat the heat! My friend has just come back from KL (he was there for work) and said his glasses would fog up the second he stepped outside! Hope you are holding up okay in your "state" (ie. with an in-built heater), LOL!

J9 said...

wow weeee at the blue raspberry sherbet..kids looked like they had a lota fun at the fountain.

Serene Ho said...

getting wet and having ice cream? that will certainly cool the body in this terrible heat! haha.

Darla said...

Your kids are SO cute, Rachel! I so wish we could get together. I think our kids would be enamored! They like to do all the same things.