Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Baby Brain ...

I've decided that you don't necessarily have to be pregnant to forget things or get things mixed up! You just need to live with someone who is! heheee
Lyndon went off to the hospital to get his stitches out this afternoon, only to find he'd got his days mixed up ... his appointment is for tomorrow! ;-) And not only that, tomorrow I have a Dr's appointment late afternoon and I asked if he could come home early to look after the kids and he put it in his diary for Friday! LOL
I think this baby is affecting him as well ... unless it's his age! Or maybe the gash on his head! (He has a lot of excuses really doesn't he. heehee)
Anyway it was nice to have him home a bit earlier today.
The other day he got the baby cot out of storage and cleaned it all up and this afternoon Aaron helped him to put it together. When they were finished Aaron came out and told me to come and see the "baby cough" is all ready for the baby hehehee ;-)
The kids have spent a fair bit of time playing in it already! Although Aaron has said "that the 'cough' is specially for the baby and not for big kids", and when sitting in it with Maddison told her "we aren't to be up here you know"!!! :-)


topkatnz said...

Heehee-it is NOT reassuring to know that when you are losing your mind your right hand man is doing so at the same time - tell him to save his mid-life crisis for later!

J9 said...

lol at Heidi;s comment, I was just thinking he was having a man moment lol........awww cute commenst about the cough lol.....

Serene Ho said...

that's just too funny! Aaron and Maddison will simply enjoy their baby brother/sister :)

iris said...

hahaha tell your man... "NOT NOW!!" Wait till after the baby comes.. or better yet wait till the baby turns one ok!:)

Love your latest pages Rachel. I have to get more pics in my pages like you!