Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Trying to do a bit of a catch up ! So here's some pics of this year's Halloween activities.
One afternoon I spent the afternoon with Aaron's class doing "pumpkin math" and this also included carving the pumpkin for the school's Halloween party. I have never carved a pumpkin before and it's quite hard! (well I thought it was) Anyway it turned out okay and Aaron approved it because I gave it angry eyebrows hehee
I didn't take a lot of photos this year at the school's Halloween party because Lyndon had Samuel in the pram and I had charge of Aaron & Maddison! I was busy enough keeping my eyes on them in amongst all the people. They had fun and got plenty of candy! The first activity was apple bobbing, but I was a bit dubious of the water so they were allowed to close their eyes and find a candy with their hand.

There were a couple of clowns there making all sorts of things for the kids with balloons. So just before we left Aaron got some sort of gun and Maddison got a poodle. Samuel was out to it so we didn't bother getting one for him :-)
The next day was Saturday and we went down to the "Dragon's Lair" at the mall.
They had heaps of Halloween Carnival booths set up and you bought a bunch of tickets and tried out the games and you could win prizes. The kids had a wonderful time and won so much stuff! They got something at every booth they tried, most of them were consolation prizes. But the first one they tried they both won something they really wanted.
Aaron had to get a ball from one end to the other of a tippy table.
Maddison had to pull up the guillotine and let it fall and stop it on the red line.
She won an awesome dolls house and Aaron got a GUN! (save me!)
On Monday 31st Maddison had Halloween dress up at her school, so she went as a princess again :-)
So that was Halloween for us this year!
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Kate said...

Looks like lots of fun. Beautiful picture of Maddison.

Someone from space said...

Hi Rach, How are you? :) I don't have your contacts, but i remembered Aunt Ireen gave me your blog link last time. Been reading your blog and saw the pictures of your kids! They are all grown up and Samuel does look like Aaron :D Madison is such a beautiful princess:) Well, just want to say Hi. Hope all is well for you in Malaysia:)