Thursday, October 27, 2011

Random photos ...

Just sharing some pics of the last few days ...
Had a look at another apartment earlier in the week and had to take Maddison (she was on holiday) and Samuel with me. It's a lot harder to concentrate with kids in tow hehee
We had to wait for the agent for a while so we spent the time walking around the pool and having fun in the playground. :-)

Very awesome school bus which was on big springs ... Maddison wanted to me to "make it go"!! So I sat in the front with Samuel on my knee and made it bounce all over the place while we sung "the wheels on the bus"! - Samuel thought it was hilarious!
Slide was cool too. But the best part was it was under cover ... so you could use it in the rain! What a wonderful idea!
And the view was stunning - you could see the Petronas Towers and KL Tower.
Samuel has been watching Maddison prancing about with my shoes on, so he's decided it's a fun thing to do!
I got him the little pair of boots that both Aaron & Maddison have worn. He's rather pleased with them :-)
Yesterday we went down to the mall to get a few groceries and the kids inspected the "dragon's lair" :-) It was pretty cool actually - can hardly believe it's all made out of polystyrene!
Last night the kids decided they would "help" me by cleaning out my kitchen utensil drawer! They laid them out all neatly on the floor and then "brushed" the drawer out using my pastry brush!! The little pets.
Tuesday Aaron bought me home this little note! Love it, especially how he's spelt my name (under the scribbled bit is a y hehee)
Right ho ... best be off. Have a very very busy day tomorrow. United Nations assembly at Aaron's school first thing in the morning. Lyndon gets back from Australia in the morning and we are off to look at apartments again. Then in the afternoon I am helping Aaron's class carve pumpkins for Halloween (never done that before so will be interesting!). And in the evening it's Aaron's school Halloween party.
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Penny said...

heh - Rachly :) And "Mom". :)

Matt & Amy said...

The playgrounds in the apartments are awesome!! Maddison in her little dress is gorgeous!

Mrs Frizz said...

cleaning out the drawers ... I guess one wouldn't want to discourage it ... lol ...

fabbo pics ...

topkatnz said...

What was the actual apartment like?? That is one cool dragons lair!

Anonymous said...

Aww, cute photos!
Tyler used to do that thing with notes/cards as well. He would write "Dear Rob/Hannah" and then put "I love you Dad/Mum". Hehe!