Sunday, October 23, 2011

Kids & Apartments!

Last week was a busy one ... it started off fine, Aaron had the week off school with mid term break and Maddison wore her cupcake outfit to school one day!

Then Thursday morning I discovered Maddison had chicken pox so that put all my plans for the day completely on hold (and they still are!). That day the kids decided they would "make" breakfast and they wanted eggs in cups :-)

Not just one though ... 2 each please Mummy!
Samuel had his usual cereal and fruit :-)
Last night Daddy came home - he's been away for 2 weeks for work to USA and Vietnam (and this evening he goes to Australia for the week). He bought the kids a cap each from Alanta :-)
Friday morning I spent a couple of hours looking at more apartments! It's getting tricky now ... do I choose the one that is funky (but has a small kitchen) ...
and has an awesome children's pool!
Or the one that has a very very nice kitchen with lots of storage (so different to where we are now).
Or a Balinese style one.
That kitchen is calling me :-) hehee I have one more unit to look at and I have seen the floor plan of it and it's looking pretty good (kitchen is nice too!) :-) HOPEFULLY we can make a decision late next week.
Hoping these poxy chickens don't stay around for much longer!
Have a great week & thanks for visiting.


topkatnz said...

I vote for the funky one with the great pool:)

Matt & Amy said...

How exciting apartment hunting! Looks like fun - gorgeous pools! Will you have a spare room??! Have another conference in Singapore next year..

Penny said...

You'll spend more time in the kitchen than the kids will have to spend in the pool. :-)

Mrs Frizz said...

well they also sound fabulous ... that kitchen looks good though ...