Friday, October 14, 2011

This'n That

Before I update on what we have been up to. For those that have asked, yes of course I will let you know how this cool packaged pavlova turns out. Unfortunately it won't be for a few weeks because (a) it serves 6 and Lyndon is away for 3 weeks and (b) I am trying to loose weight so don't want to make it without some adults to share it with. hehee :-)

When Samuel and I take Maddison to school he has this little routine he seems to follow! First he likes to play with the taps and wash his hands while Maddison gets her bag put away, then on the way to her class he checks out the cookie container!

And this tray is what he seems to go for first. On Wednesday Maddison helped him carry it to the desk and he got up on the chair and starting "cutting" the fruit and veges hehehee

Wednesday after school one of Aaron's school mates had invited us to his 7th birthday. I offered to pick him up from school as his Mum has 2 other little kids as well. I ended up having 5 kids in the car ... I will let you imagine the noise levels! What a racket! There was no mute button either - they were so excited to be together and yelled and laughed all the way to the party!

At the party Samuel had a little bit of trouble trying to steer the dolls pram hehee
During the week I remembered that for some bizarre reason my wedding shoes ended up coming to Malaysia with us instead of being in storage. So I got them out for Maddison to play with. What a little madam! She thinks they are wonderful! (Apparently you have to put shoes on before your hair gets done!)

I have been looking a bit bigger place to live. Samuel has been along for the ride, but I don't mind taking him because he can't tell the others about it heheee. This particular place had a slide into the toddlers swimming pool and if Aaron had seen it I would never have heard the end of it! I am sure he would have signed up for it right then and there! Hoping for better luck next week with more suitable places. Fingers crossed anyway!

This afternoon Aaron's class had a Halloween craft session. They were making things in preparation for decorating the corridor outside their class for the Halloween party at the end of the month. Some of the mums had also made a "Witch Hilda" house which was really well done. They blindfolded the kids one at a time and took them inside to excite their senses!!
Aaron was scared a bit, so we took his blindfold off. There was jelly for brains, chicken bones for bones, noodles for intestines and peeled grapes for eyes! One of the boys didn't want to go inside at all and was convinced there actually was a real witch in there! I said there wasn't really, it was just fantasy remember. I grinned at him and said I thought the witch might be the teacher heheheee ;-) (hope she didn't hear me say that lol)
After they had been in Witch Hilda's house they were given some witches brew (ice-cream and fizz mixed together!!)
For their crafts they made ghosts (of course Aaron's had an evil face)!!
A spider (yet another evil face) and a bat (with an Aaron face hehee)
So that's a little what we have been doing. Aaron has next week off on school holidays we have a couple of play dates lined up, but I have the feeling he's expecting a play date every day! (He's going to be disappointed with that!).
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Mrs Frizz said...

the grapes idea for eyes - now that was a cool idea ... okay, so it may not have impressed the kids and at the time I probably wouldn't have liked the feel of it either ...

Serene Ho said...

Wow...looks like everyone in your home is having a great time! Hope your is eye healed already.

Steeped in Beautea said...

witch Hilda reminds me of what we did with the brownies at a pack holiday. The theme was Peter Pan and the girls meet Captain Hook with a blinfold. We used the grapes and spaghetti too. His hook was a coat hanger. If I was blindfolded I would be slighty nervous about meeting witch Hilda.

Good luck with apartment hunting. Miss M looks cuet with your shoes on, loving the bed hair look though lol.

Penny said...

hope you find a bigger place soon :)