Monday, October 24, 2011

Chef Samuel

Samuel loves getting into the pot cupboard and crashing pot lids together or carting the pots around. Tonight while I was doing the dishes he discovered the wok.

Have to get right in there to mix it up you know!

Wooden spoon wasn't doing the job properly so back to the drawer to find something else!

Ahhh these salad servers will do the trick! (Obviously they make more noise!) :-)
He went away for a bit then came back with his dummy and decided his "cooking" needed to be vacuumed up!

Funny little fella.
His latest words are "cookie" and "dirty", although not said at the same time! He now prefers home made cookies to bought ones and several times during the day he'll come and say to me "cookie peeese" with a screwed up little face on the "peeese". How could I say no to that? :-)
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Anonymous said...

Aww, what a cutie! He looks the part, perhaps he really will grow up to be a chef? That would be neat!

Jaime Lee said...

Samuel does the same thing as Lucas. They love playing with pots and pans and all the utensils in the kitchen. I bought him a set of stainless steel kids cookery from Ikea but he still like the one I have on my shelf :)