Saturday, October 8, 2011


In July the lovely Janine organised a "winter self-care swap". Tracey had the task of putting together a parcel for me. We were asked to post our parcels out to our swap partners on the 1st of August and Tracey very kindly posted her parcel earlier (on the 26th of July to be exact!) so I would get it around the same time as everyone else. Now New Zealand Post state on their website that this parcel should arrive within 10 to 25 days! Do you know how long this parcel took to arrive? ...... 74 days! Yes you read that correctly! We thought someone else over here decided they liked the look of the parcel and helped themselves! I still can't believe it actually turned up - it hadn't been opened, one of the boxes was a little bit squashed but the contents weren't damaged at all. Fancy that aye ... 74 days! I can't believe it.
Now Tracey hasn't met me before but I think she did a fabulous job of choosing things that I would like :-)

Those little red buttons are poppies and they are gorgeous :-) I love them. Will have to use them on something very special! And I am looking forward to trying out that pav mixture! :-)
Thank you very much Tracey for such a thoughtful gift :-) And I am so glad it did eventually turn up! (It was worth the wait hehee)
In other news I took Aaron & Maddison shopping this morning for Halloween outfits! Aaron wanted to go as a skeleton and no surprises as to what Maddison wanted! A Princess of course!
The best thing about Aaron's costume is that it's very light weight so works well for the climate over here and it will fit him for the next 20 Halloweens I think hehee ;-)

Here he is inspecting how he looks in the mirror!

I am pleased to introduce to you "Princess Maddison"! (she has already informed me that she needs a "crown"!! If you please!!!)

After we got the dress she told me she needed "princess slippers"!! So we popped into Jusco and we found some little white sandals with pink flowers on them (I was kinda thankful that the shoes she wanted that had plastic high heels were too big for her!)

What a pair! ;-)
Maddison has worn her sandals (sorry I should say "princess slippers"!) all afternoon and even put them back on after her bath! No guesses as to what shoes she will be wearing tomorrow!
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Yeong Shong said...

Girls will always be girls.....all they want is girls has yet to get over with her princess her room needs to princess-y too!!

Mrs Frizz said...

74 days - OMG --- and wowser you get to make a pavlova - brilliant idea!!!

And the outfits - gorgeous ... and the princess - stunning!

Matt & Amy said...

He he - so excited to read about Maddison and her shoes!! Brilliant work!

topkatnz said...

Sooo darn excited that your parcel finally turned up - we were all set to go with 'plan B' on that one!LOL I wonder if that pav mix is any good? Let us all know:)

Anonymous said...

Wow, 74 days?! It must have been hard for you to see all the other care packages and still be waiting for yours, but now I bet you are enjoying it (as you deserve to). Looks like a great package of goodies Trace put together for you!

Penny said...

of course we had to be a princess! At least that is simpler than being a Twinkerbell....

Steeped in Beautea said...

So so so pleased it arrived, to be honest I really did think someone else liked it. Makes me think that my letter to Bangkok sent in Feb to a friend may still reach her :-P

Oh have you made the pave yet? Can you let us know what you think of it? I have wondered if its easier than making one from scratch.

The parcel looks great and its neat that you can finally enjoy it.

Love the costumes, the skeleton one looks great and of course Miss M has her priorities sorted.