Friday, October 7, 2011

Getting ready for Halloween!!!

This little chap along with the help of Daisy (in his left hand) or Henry (I can't remember which now ... they are both green!) has been ever so helpful in helping me decide whether I need specialist eye makeup for my Halloween costume this year!!

On Tuesday morning he came and sat on my knee with a train in his hand and jabbed it in my eye. It hurt a little, but I didn't think too much of it. Later in the afternoon I realised it was bruised and swollen a bit! Wednesday morning it looked like this ...

And today it's looking even more special!
If I keep my eyes open and don't raise my eyebrows then it's not sooooo noticeable, but people do seem to give it a second look! hehee
It's been a week actually. First our printer died, then the main navigation buttons on my cellphone decided not to work anymore, Samuel gave me a black eye, and on Wednesday Maddison came home with a notice from school saying there had been a "couple" of cases of chicken pox reported! Thursday morning I discovered there were actually 3 kids from her class and more than that from the class next door which they do lots of activities with!! Nice ... just what I wanted to enjoy over the next few weeks when Lyndon's travel schedule is crazy busy!
Oh well ... things can only get better! Right?!! ;-)
Fingers crossed I can actually do some scrapbooking next week!!
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topkatnz said...

you must've been a mean mum for the kids to start beating you up...

Mrs Frizz said...

YEE-OUCH!!!! poor you!!! take a little time out, just for yourself, not quite sure when if 'L' is going to be away ... but I'm thinking that you need a little 'me' time!!!

Penny said...

oh dear oh dear! not sure that "look" is going to catch on in the fashion world. :)

Good luck with avoiding the pox....