Wednesday, February 24, 2010

There are quiet moments ...

If only they lasted for more than 10 minutes! ;-) Yesterday the kids did some reading on the couch ... well Aaron wanted to and of course whatever he does Maddison has to do too! (ten minutes later they were fighting!)

Just a couple of random pics from the last few days. Maddison got into her hair accessory box and picked out all her clips and asked me to put them in her hair! Nice!!!

Bubble Bath time ... The last week or so I have been just running about 3 inches of water in the bath and teaching Maddison that it's OKAY to lie down! Now she's got the hang of it she thinks she's pretty clever! :-)
Not sure if Aaron realised he had the makings of a halo or not! (LOL didn't last long hehee)
And over the last couple of weeks in amongst everything else that's been going on I have managed to scrap some pages for our holiday album - 8 actually, but still have to do journaling (need to do that when Aaron isn't hanging about wanting to get on the computer!).
Here's 6 of them.

Some of them aren't particularly flash or exciting looking, what's exciting for me is using up some old product that I really have no idea why I bought at the time!! For example - those round stickers in the middle of 'on the go' LO ... got them in 2002! It's a wonder they still stick heheee.
Lyndon has cancelled his travel for this week ... so if he's going to get sick hope it happens this week and not next when he's off travelling again! Going to keep the kids home from school for the rest of the week, so hopefully by the weekend all these nasty bugs have flown away to never be seen again!
But since I have gotten so used to cleaning up messes the last week or so, today I decided to take Maddison out of nappies and see how she goes! Yesterday she kept taking it off and bringing it to me ... that's okay when it's just #1's, but when it's #2's things get a bit gross. I won't go into details on how it's gone so far! But I think I have enough knickers for her for today! LOL
Okay off to find something else for the kids to do now. :-)


Penny said...

Glad to hear things are on the mend again and that the albums are getting done! I have done no scrapbooking for ages. Mum's little group is starting again this Sat and I have to teach a class so.. sux to be me.
Good luck with the potty training :)

Anonymous said...

The layouts are cool, and good on you for using up your old stash!
Love the photos of the kids reading on the couch. SO CUTE!

topkatnz said...

still a laugh a minute in your household then??LOL Glad Lyndons there for emotional backup though. Well done on getting 8 LOs!go you super-scrapper chick! and you know it's so cool to get those holidays pics scrapped - who cares about the details - it will still all look great when it's finished!

J9 said...

wow you are a power scrapper. Yippe for Lyndon staying home, fingers crossed he doesn;t get bugs.

Love the hairclip shot, lol too cute. Awwww at the bath shots, so cute.

iris said...

cute kids and fantastic layouts - your blog sure is a treat to visit. Aaron looks so much like you in that last picture! Such a cutie.

Serene Ho said...

oh Rachel...I didn't know your family was down with the nasty bug! But I'm happy evyerone has fully recovered. All the puke is grossly gross and I am totally with you on this. Hope Aaron and Maddison continue to have strong immunity. You take care too! BTW, love the pages you did.